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LA County health inspector caught dancing after shutting down brewery — only to be proven wrong later


'She had no regard for us'

Image Source: Twitter/@stevengregory video screenshot

A Los Angeles County health inspector was caught on camera dancing moments after she ordered a brewery to shut down on Super Bowl Sunday, claiming the establishment was in violation of county health guidelines — only she wound up being wrong.

Bart Avery, one of the owners of Bravery Brewery in Lancaster, California, told Fox News that the inspector came to the brewery at about 11 a.m. local time, only hours before the game was set to start. Upon arriving, she informed an employee that the brewery was in violation of the county's health guidelines by not serving food while providing beverages for in-person dining and would need to close immediately.

Surveillance footage showed the inspector then adding insult to injury by breaking into a dance just seconds after handing down the order.

"The perception really sucks," Avery said in regards to the inspector dancing, adding he has no way of knowing what compelled her to act in that way. After all, she had just informed someone that they could be out of work. Avery reportedly characterized the dance as jarring, especially considering all the damage that lockdown restrictions have inflicted on small businesses.

To make matters worse, the inspector was wrong in her assessment of the situation. Since the brewery was only pouring draft beer to go, food service was not required. After a long discussion, she reportedly admitted there was a misunderstanding and allowed the business to resume. Avery said that someone from the county reached out to him the following day to apologize.

TheBlaze reached out to the Los Angeles Health Department for more information about the incident but has not yet received a response.

To many, the inspector's behavior represents the disregard they feel the government has for many working Americans. Avery told Fox News that his brewery has been "decimated financially and emotionally" by the stringent lockdown restrictions implemented in his state.

In an interview with CBS News, Avery explained it wasn't just the lost business that bothered him, but it was the way the inspector went about enforcing the harsh restrictions that has stuck with him.

"It was just kind of very jovial," he said. "That's kind of what has gotten to us, and these people just don't treat us like we're humans that have just been doing everything possible to not go out of business."

"She had no regard for us," he added. "It's like we're almost a criminal just trying to run our business."

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