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Video doorbell catches incredible moment 5-year-old boy salutes family's American flag after it had been vandalized



Image source: Fox News video screenshot

The actions of a 5-year-old boy went viral after his Virginia family's American flag was vandalized.

What are the details?

Mike and Jessica Satterthwaithe's Ring doorbell caught 5-year-old Preston Satterthwaithe saluting the family's American flag after it had previously been vandalized.

The family installed the doorbell in order to catch the vandal who had reportedly yanked the American flag out of its mounting and thrown it to the ground.

Mike Satterthwaithe told "Fox & Friends" that he and his wife were driving their son to school when they noticed the flag, which had been placed in the front of the family home around Independence Day, was lying on the ground.

"As we were installing it, I was explaining the importance of why we respect the flag, and how we could never let it hit the ground," Satterthwaithe told the show hosts about his experience installing the flag with his young, impressionable son.

When the family noticed that the flag was lying on the ground in what they said was an apparent act of vandalism, Preston was particularly upset.

"The flag was laying down on the front steps and he saw that and he was upset," Satterthwaite said. "It was touching the ground and we had taught him that it can't touch the ground."

"Preston was pretty upset that the flag was touching the ground," Satterthwaite added.

The couple decided to install a Ring doorbell to see if the vandals would return.

What happened next?

Instead, they received a pleasant surprise while reviewing footage one evening.

After Mike and his son went for an evening bike ride, Preston disappeared momentarily as his father was putting away his bike. As it turned out, young Preston had ventured to the front of the house and, with his little hand over his heart, began to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mike told "Fox & Friends" that his son's actions filled his heart with pride.

"I was floored," Satterthwaite said. "The thoughtfulness of him to go and do that on his own is pretty cool."

"We've taught him the significance of America and why people want to move here and our freedoms and he wanted to learn about that," Satterthwaite concluded. "It's a pretty neat little moment."

(H/T: Faithwire)

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