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VIDEO: Liz Warren is stunned when a voter confronts her for claiming Native American heritage


"I have concerns about your honesty..."

Photo by Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) appeared stunned when a voter confronted her about her dubious claims of Native American heritage during a televised event.

Warren was taking questions from voters at an event when a friendly question turned into a confrontation.

Elizabeth Radecic told Warren that they had much in common since she had also discovered through a DNA test that her family narrative was false.

"Were we differ, is that I am the mom of three year old twins," Radecic said.

"And my three year old twins are black," she explained. "And it's given me a totally different perspective on the purpose of affirmative action."

Radecic claimed that her children had already faced racism despite their early age.

"So I struggle with your decisions early in your career to self-identify on state documents as Native American. I feel that that disrespected the reason why we have those affirmative action categories," she continued.

"So how do you overcome the bridge with voters like me," she asked, "who like you, who like your plans, who like what you have to say, but I have concerns about your honesty?"

Warren responded by explaining why she believed she had Native American heritage and said that she had apologized for the episode.

Warren's heritage became a heated issue when Warren unveiled a private DNA test in order to bolster her claims, and immediately faced an onslaught of ridicule and mockery over the test results. Even her allies worried that the DNA debacle would hurt her presidential campaign.

Here's the video of a voter confronting Warren:

'Conversation with the Candidate' with Elizabeth Warren: Online exclusivewww.youtube.com

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