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Activists rage over racist vandalism at a Sacramento high school. The district says a black student was caught on camera committing the hoax.

Image Source: KOVR-TV YouTube video screenshot

Activist community members were outraged when racist vandalism was found at a Sacramento high school, but officials said they discovered the culprit was a black female student who was caught on camera.

Activists marched with signs that read, "END ANTI-BLACK HATE" and "NO ROOM FOR HATE" in front of the C.K. McClatchy High School after someone scrawled "white" and "colored" over water fountains on Friday.

On Thursday, the Sacramento City Unified School District said they had identified the perpetrator and said she was a black female student.

Mark T. Harris, the district's race and equity monitor, told KOVR-TV that the student was captured on camera and that she had confessed to the vandalism. He said that he didn't consider the incident racist because of the race of the student.

"I don't believe that those words that were on those water fountains were racist," said Harris. "I do not believe they were hate crime or hate speech. Part of it, quite honestly, is because the admitted perpetrator is an African-American young woman."

But not all the activists are satisfied with the official conclusion of the investigation.

Berry Accius from the Voice of the Youth is calling for zero tolerance over the incident.

"I disagree with it not being a hate crime because at the end of the day, we understand, when you have colored on one water faucet and white on another water faucet, what that means," said Accius. "Whether it's 1950 or 2022!"

Accius and other activists say the district needs to be more transparent, and they cited another incident at Abraham Lincoln Elementary where graffiti was found of a swastika, the N-word and "KKK."

The district said the student was being disciplined over the water fountain incident.

Here's a local news report about the race hoax:

Person Identified In Racist Incident At McClatchy Highwww.youtube.com

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