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Man who reportedly threatened mass violence learns the hard way that you don’t try to take a police officer’s weapon


Not very wise

Image source: WCCO-TV video screenshot

A Minnesota man is in custody after threatening to "take everyone to hell" and attempting to confiscate a police officer's service weapon.

What are the details?

According to WCCO-TV, the incident occurred earlier in March in Fairfax, Minnesota.

The suspect, 32-year-old Dane Michael VanderVoort, reportedly held two women hostage before attacking a police officer who responded to the scene.

VanderVoort reportedly sent one of the women — later identified as his ex-girlfriend — harassing text messages. In one of the messages, VanderVoort allegedly wrote that he was "taking everyone to hell tonight."

VanderVoort armed himself with a pistol and reportedly showed up at his ex's home to break in. When he got inside, he allegedly took his ex and one of her friends hostage. He purportedly warned the women that if they attempted to call for help, he would shoot.

Despite his warning, VanderVoort's ex was able to send her mother a text message, pleading for help. The woman's mother phoned police, and Officer Derek Carlson responded to the scene. He approached the house and entered after someone said "come in."

VanderVoort pounced when Carlson entered the home, and pointed his gun at the officer. Carlson, according to the outlet, said that he was "in immediate fear for his life," and attempted to wrestle away the suspect's gun. After a struggle, VanderVoort reportedly tried to get a grip on the officer's weapon, and even bit the officer's head, drawing blood.

Carlson was forced to deploy his Taser gun on VanderVoort, finally subduing the suspect, making him easier to take into custody. As Carlson prepared to take VanderVoort in, he said he discovered a second gun in the suspect's back pocket.

What else?

Authorities charged VanderVoort with kidnapping, making terroristic threats, attempting to disarm a police officer, burglary, theft, and various counts of assault.

VanderVoort faces prison time if convicted on all charges.

His bail was set at $750,000.

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