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Man out on bond on domestic violence charge allegedly poured boiling water down his daughter's throat: 'That baby ... thought she was in a safe home with her father'

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An alarming report out of Alabama indicates that a man free on bond while awaiting trial for a domestic violence charge may have recently poured boiling water down the throat of his infant daughter, who remains in the ICU "fighting for her life."

On October 2, Eugene Sneed, 23, of Prichard, Alabama, supposedly poured the scalding water down the throat of his 1-year-old daughter Royalty while Niktoria Lett, the girl's mother, was out of the residence for a short time, according to Fox News.

"I get in the apartment, and my whole — my, my baby face is just messed up," Lett said.

Royalty's injuries, Lett claimed, are horrific. "Her whole head, her left shoulder" are both severely burned, almost beyond recognition, she said.

"I couldn’t even stand to look at her. I couldn’t even keep calm. I couldn’t even maintain my body for real, for real," Lett said. "So we rushed her to the hospital, and from there, her injuries just started worsening."

Lett added that 19% of Royalty's head is "burnt up" and that her lungs are "critical, everything critical."

Royalty remains at USA’s Children’s and Women’s Hospital in Mobile, Alabama. "[M]y baby just in the hospital fighting for her life,” Lett said.

While Royalty fights for her life, her mother and other family members say they are fighting for justice.

"They said it was an intentional thing that [Sneed] did," Lett stated. "Justice for Royalty! That’s all we want. That’s all we want."

"Who would do something like this to an innocent baby?" Royalty's aunt Kiara Lett asked rhetorically. "It’s not right. That baby was there, she thought she was in a safe home with her father. It ain’t right what he did to our baby. He messed up our life with this. She was just an innocent child."

On Friday, Sneed was arrested and booked in the Mobile County Jail on a charge of aggravated child abuse. A judge has denied bond in this case. Sneed's arraignment is scheduled for October 17.

Back in 2020, Sneed was charged with domestic violence, and his trial was scheduled for later this month. However, prosecutors have since motioned that his bond for that charge be revoked as well in light of the new allegations.

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