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Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club partially closes due to coronavirus outbreak


Liberals and other critics gleefully mocked Trump over the development

Photo by Saul Martinez/Bloomberg via Getty Images

A reported coronavirus outbreak at the Mar-a-Lago Club owned by former President Donald Trump has forced a partial shutdown.

The incident at the estate in Palm Beach, Florida, was first reported by the Associated Press and confirmed by the Washington Post. An email from the club went out to its members explaining the situation on Friday.

"The health and safety of our members and staff is our highest priority," read the email.

"As some of our staff have recently tested positive for COVID-19, we will be temporarily suspending service at the Beach Club and a la carte Dining Room. We are taking this measure out of an abundance of caution, like other clubs in our area impacted by COVID-19," the email continued.

"We have already undertaken all appropriate response measures in accordance with CDC guidance," the email added, "including activating a thorough sanitization and cleaning of any affected areas and all club facilities, and we will continue our heightened environmental cleaning regimen."

The former president took up residence at Mar-a-Lago in January after leaving the White House. Trump had also been treated for the coronavirus when he contracted it in October 2020. He has since been vaccinated.

Many of Trump's critics took to Twitter to mock him over the development.

"Mar-a-Lago partially closed due to COVID outbreak. Is COVID still a hoax though?" tweeted CNN political analyst April Ryan.

"If you look at Instagram's tagged from Mar-a-Lago, not super shocking they had another outbreak. It's an idiot pod," said television producer Bob Schooley.

"On Covidiots news, Mar-a-Lago has been partially closed until further notice due to a Covid outbreak. And there you have it," replied anti-Trump singer Ricky Davila.

"Well done Donald and #GovenorDeathSentence!" responded another Twitter user.

"I wonder if the bedbugs at Mar-a-Lago got Covid too?" tweeted an anti-Trump band.

"Trump's Mar-a-Lago partially closed due to COVID outbreak Thoughts and prayers, motherf***ers," tweeted liberal activist Delilah Asterales.

Here's more about the Mar-a-Lago COVID outbreak:

Mar-a-Lago partially closes due to Covid-19 outbreak | CNN Internationalwww.youtube.com

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