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Tesla video shows Marine veteran fight off 2 attackers in California with the help of landscapers

Image Source: KABC-TV YouTube video screenshot composite

Security video captured the moment a Marine veteran in California fought off two attackers with the help of landscapers who happened to be working nearby.

The video from the incident on 12:30 p.m. on Sunday was obtained by KABC-TV and was taken by the rearview camera on the man's Tesla vehicle.

It shows two men approach the victim at his California home and pretend that they're informing him about damage to his car, according to the man's son.

Neither the victim nor his son wanted to be publicly identified for safety reasons. The son says his parents had just returned from church and Home Depot. He believes video from the Tesla shows that they had been followed by the assailants to their home.

"They approached my dad and said, 'Hey, someone hit your car. There's car damage.' You can hear it on the recording," said the son to KABC.

The video shows the first man spray the victim with pepper spray.

"My dad was kind of confused because they came around him real quick," the son explained. "They peppered-sprayed him all over. Thank God he had glasses. I think it gave him a little bit of the ability to fight back. He fought back hard, and I think they were caught off guard because someone that old would fight back."

As the man fought back, the two assailants run away, and the video shows landscapers chase after them. The son said he is thankful they were there and responded quickly when they heard his father yelling.

"Those guys are heroes. My dad was screaming, fighting back. And they came running around and helped chase the guys. They didn't realize there were more guys here. And they just boned out," said the son.

He went on to express amazement that they would attack his father in broad daylight.

"Just super brazen. 12:30 in the middle of the day? They're not afraid of anything," he added.

The victim is a veteran of the Korean Marines.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is investigating whether the attempted robbery is connected to a similar incident in Rowland Heights, which is a city about eight miles away from Fullerton.

Here's the video of the thwarted attack:

Marine veteran fights off robbers who followed him homewww.youtube.com

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