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Meat executive who passed out, allegedly drunk, in wrong house tried going back to sleep during arrest

Image source: Washington County Sheriff's Office

John R. Tyson was promoted to CFO of his family's meat empire on Oct. 2. It is unclear if the promotion went to his head, but over the weekend, something certainly did. He was arrested on Sunday after a young woman found him passed out in her bed.

What are the details?

Tyson, 32, was formerly executive vice president and chief sustainability officer for Tyson Foods Inc., one of the world's biggest meat producers. According to CFO Dive, he was promoted to CFO in September, tasked with leading the meat producer's initiative to support a more sustainable protein system. Tyson's base annual salary is $650,000.

One week ahead of addressing investors for the first time in his new position, he was arrested for public intoxication and criminal trespassing.

KNWA reported that Tyson was found passed out in a woman's bed around 2:05 a.m. on Nov. 6 at a residence in the 400 block of N. Mock Avenue in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The woman called the police, indicating that the trespasser may have been able to get inside through the front door, which had been unlocked.

When Fayetteville police arrived, Tyson, son of Tyson Foods chairman John H. Tyson and great-grandson of the company's founder, was unconscious in the woman's bed.

The police, unable to rouse Tyson from his slumber, ascertained his identity by a driver's license left in the clothes strewn on the floor.

According to the preliminary arrest warrant, the alleged trespasser reportedly smelled of intoxicants. An officer reported Tyson's movement to have been "sluggish and uncoordinated."

Despite the officer's efforts, Tyson was keen to go back to sleep. He would not, however, sleep it off in the stranger's home.

Tyson was arrested, booked into the Washington County Detention Center at 2:23 a.m., and released Sunday evening on a $415 bond.

The New York Post obtained video of the Washington County Sheriff's Office processing the meat processer.

Tyson Foods CFO John Tyson arrested for entering stranger’s house, passing out in her bed | NY Postyoutu.be

CNBC reported that Tyson Foods is aware of the incident, but will not comment further as it is a "personal matter."

Tyson is not the only one with ties to the company to have woken up in prison in recent months.

In September, Doug Ramsey, the former president of Tyson's poultry division and Beyond Meat CEO allegedly chomped down on a man's face, "ripping the flesh on the tip of the nose" during a Fayetteville road rage incident after the University of Arkansas football team's victory over Missouri State.

Ramsey was charged with terroristic threatening and third-degree battery.

If John R. Tyson resigns, then he will have served a shorter stint than the former CEO of Tyson Foods, Dean Banks, who stepped down last year after eight months on the job. Banks cited personal reasons for his decision to resign.

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