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Megan Rapinoe whines about President Trump during ‘Meet the Press’ interview: ‘He is trying to divide so he can conquer’


The arrogance is incredible

Image source: YouTube screenshot

U.S. women's soccer champion Megan Rapinoe took aim at President Donald Trump once again during a "Meet the Press" interview on NBC.

Rapinoe, an openly gay feminist activist, is a frequent and outspoken critic of the president.

What are the details?

During a Sunday interview with "Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd, the 34-year-old women's soccer star said, "I think Trump's message excludes people that look like me and are me, of course."

"I think that he is trying to divide so he can conquer," she added, calling out the president for trying to stir division in the United States.

She went on to boast her team's unifying effect and how their World Cup win has been beneficial to society.

"I think we've just managed to give people hope," Rapinoe explained. "Now we need to do the next step, which is to actually take the progress step."

"[T]he opportunity is in everyone's exhaustion of the fighting and the negative, and our team has managed to make people proud again, to capture people's interest, to make them want to do something," she continued.

The soccer phenom explained that the U.S. women's soccer team stands for unity itself.

"I think people are asking the question, 'How can we rally around this team?' And in that, really, what the team stands for, whether it's equal pay or racial equality or LGBTQ rights."

What else?

Rapinoe previously insisted that she would not be going "to the f***ing White House" to celebrate the 2019 World Cup win. Her remarks went viral, and she has been viewed as a public face of opposition to the Trump administration ever since.

On Sunday, Rapinoe went viral for another reason — for completely avoiding any eye contact whatsoever when a young fan approached her to sign a soccer ball with her autograph.

Full Rapinoe: 'We've Managed To Just Give People Hope' | Meet The Press | NBC Newswww.youtube.com

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