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Megyn Kelly trashes Jon Stewart as a 'prick' who peddles 'bulls**t without any accountability'

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Megyn Kelly skewered Jon Stewart over an alleged "ambush" of a journalist during an episode of his Apple TV+ show. Kelly also recalled a conversation she had with Stewart years ago after she blasted the former host of "The Daily Show" as a "dishonest" ratings-hungry pundit who offers "a lot of bulls**t without any accountability."

Journalist Andrew Sullivan appeared on "The Megyn Kelly Show" this week where they discussed people who "distort the news." Kelly then brought up Sullivan's appearance on "The Problem with Jon Stewart" in late March.

Sullivan was a panelist on a special edition of Stewart's show that was named "The Problem with White People," which the columnist claimed he was not made aware of until he was already on the show.

Sullivan was a panelist with Lisa Bond – who serves as the "resident white woman" in the Race2Dinner organization. The Race2Dinner organization sells dinners at the cost of thousands of dollars for white women where they are told to "acknowledge how we are complicit in creating, enabling, and engaging in oppression."

The high-priced, anti-racist dinner parties have the white women "describe racist things they’ve recently done," and if any of the women cry they are banished to a designated crying room, according to The Cut.

The panel also featured Charles A. “Chip” Gallagher – a sociology professor at La Salle University, where his research focuses on social inequality, race relations, and immigration.

Following his appearance, Sullivan claimed that he was "ambushed" in the episode.

In his Substack, Sullivan claimed that he was told by a booker for Stewart's show that it would be a "one-on-one with Jon" and "not a debate."

But just before the taping of the show before a live audience, Sullivan said he "found out, in fact, that there would be two other guests, and that it would, indeed, be a debate. Surprise!"

"As the show started, I also realized for the first time there was a live studio audience and that the episode was called 'The Problem With White People' — a title I’d never have been a party to," he proclaimed.

"I protested to the producers that I’d been ambushed," Sullivan said.

Sullivan wrote of his appearance, "Stewart called me a racist and told me I was not 'living in the same f***ing country as we are,' and went on to angrily call me a 'motherf***er.'"

Sullivan went on to say that Stewart behaved "unprofessionally" and "joined the woke cult."

He also asked, "How painfully, cringingly super-woke must a comedian get to stay relevant?"

Stewart denied the accusations on Twitter and claimed they were "nonsense."

"Our booker handled this last minute ask impeccably. Mr Sullivan was told, texted and emailed a detailed account of who was on the program, the content and intent of the discussion," Stewart wrote. "She patiently handled his high maintenance shenanigans and gave him every opportunity to excuse himself. This man wasn’t ambushed. Any damage incurred was self-inflicted. And can we stop with the lazy 'woke' s**t any time someone disagrees with a conservative. F*** man.""

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Megyn Kelly bashed Stewart for the alleged ambush on her show.

"You’ve described it as an ambush. It had the feel of an ambush where they had him, two super, super far-left, woke people who were, who hate white people and then you," Kelly told Sullivan on Tuesday. "They treated you like David Duke had shown up. It was insane.”

Sullivan said, "To go on a television show and to be attacked because of your race and your sex, a dismissal of the entire group of people based upon their race and their sex. The definition of that is bigotry. And he gave a platform for that kind of bigotry."

"The show was called – and they kept us from me – 'The Problem with White People.' Do you think they do 'The Trouble with Jews,' 'The Trouble with African Americans?' No, it’s as if they’ve decided this one racial grouping is to be demonized, marginalized, and become a target of hate," he noted.

“They have become everything they opposed. They’re racists, sexists, and they really, really despise this country," Sullivan continued.

Sullivan acknowledged that the United States' "history of slavery and segregation is terrible," but added that there is "goodness" in America.

Kelly stated, "I think people tend to be more reasonable and maybe even a little bit more conservative as they get older, not Jon Stewart, man. To say he is on board the woke train is to understate what we saw on that show."

Kelly harked back to her days as a host on Fox News when Stewart regularly attacked her on "The Daily Show."

"Jon Stewart's not an honest broker," Kelly declared. "I know I've told this story before…. I said on the air that I didn’t like him, and that he wasn’t an honest broker, and that he hid behind the veil of ‘I’m a comedian’ to offer a lot of bulls**t without any accountability."

"And he called me at Fox," she continued. "He called me, and he was upset that I had called him all those things."

“Of course, I stood by every word," Kelly added. "I know he's dishonest because he said things about me that I know are not true. And he had no answer for why he had misrepresented me so badly on so many occasions. No answer at all. He just wanted to get views. That’s it. It's just about building an audience."

“And even on the phone call, he tried to hide behind the comedian trope, which I didn't accept," Kelly said. "And that's just who he is."

"So I think people found something charming about his comedy routine on that show, and that legacy has stayed with him. He’s done some good work for the veterans. No one would take that away from him.

"But he’s a prick," Kelly slammed Stewart. "I’m sorry, but he's a jerk, and you can see it in full scope with you."

The conversation on "The Megyn Kelly Show" about Jon Stewart begins at the 57-minute mark.

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The feud between Kelly and Stewart dates back more than a decade.

During a 2014 Reuters interview, Kelly was asked about Stewart constantly bashing Fox News on "The Daily Show."

"Stewart doesn’t bother me as much as he used to," Kelly responded. "He used to do these segments on me all the time, and then one day on the air I said he was mean and then he called me up, and we had an hour-long talk."

"He explained that he didn’t mean to be mean and that he does satire and that he claimed I was 'one of the three journalists he respects,'" she recalled. "I said, 'Well, it sounds like you’re looking for absolution, and I'm not giving it.' We had a good laugh. He was very good-natured. But I understand what he does."

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