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'Meme Wars': Man arrested after reportedly kicking projector, shouting expletives during Benny Johnson's TPUSA college tour
Screen shot of Benny Johnson Twitter video

'Meme Wars': Man arrested after reportedly kicking projector, shouting expletives during Benny Johnson's TPUSA college tour

An enraged man was taken into custody after he reportedly kicked a table and a video projector during a presentation from a conservative speaker who was poking fun at the humorlessness of the left.

On Tuesday night at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa, Turning Point USA contributor Benny Johnson was giving a presentation entitled "Meme Wars." Johnson has taken his presentation to college campuses across the country, trying to convince young conservatives that social media memes present a unique opportunity for the right to counter much of the cultural hegemony perpetrated by the left. In Johnson's view, "The Left Can't Meme" because people with left-leaning opinions have no sense of humor and have little understanding of the ways in which humor works in American culture.

During one particular segment of the presentation, Johnson shared a meme in which Vice President Kamala Harris walks outside and sees a bus with the words "Texas Border Patrol" written across it. Harris laughs and says, "I love it" as a stock Mexican figure gyrates to mariachi music playing in the background. The meme is meant to make people chuckle and remind them that Harris recently claimed that the U.S. southern border is "secure," even as hundreds of thousands pour over the border every month.

At least one attendee apparently didn't find the meme funny, though. An unidentified man wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and a green do-rag interrupted the presentation, shouted expletives, and began kicking the table and the projector Johnson was using. The man's tantrum was caught on video:

The man then stormed out of the speech, yelling, "Racist a** b****. F*** you. Swear to f***ing G*d. F***."

Johnson, who, in keeping with the humor theme has since changed his Twitter name to "Benny Johnson | Meme-Attack Survivor," has shared the video on social media with the message: "A Kamala Harris Meme TRIGGERED the violent LIBS so bad they ATTACKED the *projector* and SMASHED IT to pieces.

"I told you: The Left Can't Meme," Johnson tweeted.

A video taken shortly after the incident indicates that the man was arrested by police and taken into custody. Whether he will face any charges remains unclear.

Following the man's arrest, Johnson released another statement about the incident:

"We often say The LEFT CAN’T MEME.

"Tonight, we proved it. I was giving a peaceful speech to the University of Iowa Turning Point USA chapter about memes this evening. During our presentation we played a harmless meme of Kamala Harris welcoming a bus full of migrants, set to tasteful mariachi music. That is when a low-T leftist strung-out on pure soy snapped into a violent rage.

"I watched dispassionately as the lib’s last drop of testosterone evaporated in an unprovoked kick-attack on an innocent projector.

"That projector’s crime? Playing memes.

"Thankfully, no one was hurt by the domestic terrorist attack other than an innocent Panasonic Projector. The perpetrator was arrested soon after and booked for a hate-crime against memes. Our hearts go out to the brave Iowa City Police department. Fund The Police.

"Let this moment serve as a poignant metaphor for what happens to meme-makers across social media when their accounts get attacked.

"As someone who lived through January 6th, I can tell you this attack was much scarier and represents a larger existential threat to our Democracy. The 1st Amendment is under attack constantly from Left. It survived - this time. The Left Can’t Meme."

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