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'You Uncle Tom b****': Black lawmaker swamped with racist, hate-filled messages for joining Republican Party
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'You Uncle Tom b****': Black lawmaker swamped with racist, hate-filled messages for joining Republican Party

Georgia State Rep. Mesha Mainor (R) is reportedly receiving a flood of hate messages after defecting from the Democratic Party and joining the Republican Party.

Last week, Mainor became the first black female Republican lawmaker in history of the Georgia state House. Switching parities became necessary, according to Mainor, because Georgia Democrats "crucified" her for exercising her own political conscience against her party's wishes, such as when she did not support "defund the police" and when she supported school choice.

Over the weekend, Mainor shared the racist, hate-filled messages that she says she has received since becoming a Republican.

  • One message told Mainor she lives "up to the word n****r by just following blindly" and said she is the "stain on society that needs to be flushed." That person then called her an "Uncle Tom b****."
  • Another message called Mainor a "dumba** aunt Jemima mother f***ing traitor" and a "self-hating black negress b****." The person then instructed Mainor to "go run in a Republican confederate district that loves self-hating n****rs."
  • One message called Mainor a "n****r b****" who needs to "get back on the plantation."
  • Another message called Mainor a "monkey b****" and a "party traitor" who joined the Republican Party because Gov. Brian Kemp (R) "offered you more yams and collards."
  • One person told Mainor she needs to be put in "a camp to re-educate you and de-n****rfy you" because she is a "MAGA slave."
  • Yet another person told Mainor she doesn't "belong in the government you belong in the field picking cotton or in my kitchen cooking and cleaning my floor." That person also called her a "stupid chocolate Jabba the Hutt-looking jigaboo c***."
  • Another person told Mainor she needs to kill herself.
Mainor responded to the vile messages with grace. She told each person that she is "sorry" they felt rage and racism toward her.
According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Mainor's decision to leave the Democratic Party was not a surprise considering how the party had treated Mainor over her "refusal to toe the party line and follow established processes within the caucus" — political speak for not doing what one is told.
The party's contempt for Mainor, meanwhile, was laid bare in a statement following her departure.
"Rep. Mesha Mainor’s switch to the GOP is a stinging betrayal of her constituents," said U.S. Rep. Nikema Williams (D), chairwoman of the Georgia Democratic Party.

Rep. Mesha Mainor says Democrats ‘harassed and intimated’ her over voteswww.youtube.com

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