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'Queer-owned' leftist cafe in Philadelphia gets shut down by woke employees for not being left-wing enough

Image Source: MinasWorld4you TikTok video screenshot composite

A left-wing coffee shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was shut down by its woke employees because the owners weren't extremist enough.

The left-wing in-fighting was documented by the popular Libs of TikTok account on Twitter.

"Mina's World" was celebrated as a "safe space" for members of the LGBTQ community until workers began accusing the owners of wage theft and "gentrification."

On July 1, the owners announced that the shop would close after weeks of controversy.

"Mina’s World is closed," the post declared. "We don’t have enough money to continue operating."

In a video previously posted to Instagram, the co-owners of the shop admitted their "complicity" in anti-black gentrification and said that they were looking for ways to pass on ownership of the store to the employees. The workers had tried to raise enough money through a GoFundMe account before the shop closed down.

Here's the video posted by Libs of TikTok:

The workers of the queer-owned shop had posted their grievances in a statement on social media.

"Workers at Mina's World have long been in a labor rights struggle with owners Kate and Sonam for well over a year. We are facing systemic employer opposition, manipulation, abuse of power, exploitation, anti-blackness, ableism, hostility and complete disregard for our livelihoods," they claimed.

The list included:

  • Anti-blackness in a multitude of forms and occasions
  • Ableism in the form of inaccessibility
  • Exploitation of labor and denial of promised wage increases
  • Tokenization as way to appear safe by association

Despite the owners apologizing for putting the community and their workers at risk through their anti-blackness and gentrification efforts, the shop closed down and the building is being sold for $425,000.

The GoFundMe for the workers had raised a little over $11k of its goal of raising $200k.

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