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MSNBC analyst begs minority voters not to vote for Trump: 'Do what you did in 2020'
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MSNBC analyst begs minority voters not to vote for Trump: 'Do what you did in 2020'

'A Trump re-election would be terrible for them.'

MSNBC analyst John Heilemann implored minority voters on Thursday not to go with former President Donald Trump, as polling shows he has made gains with the typically strong Democratic voting bloc.

According to Heilemann, it is not the concern that those voters will go toward Trump but that they won't vote at all because President Joe Biden is a weak candidate.

"It is not the concern about African-American voters, young voters, and — and Hispanic voters like these core elements of the Democratic coalition, the concern is not that anybody really thinks they’re going to go flock off to Donald Trump. The concern is that they stay home, that they, that — that in a very, very close election in all of those battleground states, you know, if a large chunk of any of those parts of the coalition decide to just say, ‘Screw it, I’m not going to vote,’ that’s a problem for the Biden campaign," Heilemann said.

Democrats have been stunned by Trump's support among Latinos.

"We see that in the polling for African-American and Latino voters ... a Trump re-election would be terrible for them. So just please do what you did back — from the Biden campaign’s point of view — just do what you did back in 2020. You’re right," he continued. "That is the easier sell than trying to get older white voters who have drifted away from the Democratic coalition over the last 20 years to come back home. Those guys are sticking with Biden. That’s a big part of why they can be optimistic in those three Midwestern states.”

While black voters are still largely Democrats and support Biden in the upcoming election, Pew Research found younger black voters are more likely to say they would vote for Trump. Around two-thirds of black voters under 50 favor Biden, with 29% supporting Trump, a notable difference for black voters 50 and older who favor Biden by a wider margin (84% vs. 9%).

A poll by the New York Times and Siena College in March found 46% supported Trump, with 40% favoring Biden. The Times noted Democrats have been stunned by Trump's support among Latinos, given his stance on curbing illegal immigration and wanting to secure the U.S.-Mexico border.

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