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New ‘damning’ report shows COVID-19 likely lab-engineered: 'Leading theory for the origin of the coronavirus must be laboratory escape'

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A "damning" new report from the Wall Street Journal suggests that COVID-19 was engineered in a lab to inflict maximum havoc across the globe.

What are the details?

In the Sunday opinion article, Dr. Steven Quay, founder of Atossa Therapeutics, and Richard Muller, a UC Berkeley emeritus professor of physics, said that a variety of evidence supports the claim that the deadly coronavirus strain that has gripped the planet over the past 18 months or more was intentionally engineered.

Quay and Muller in the article explained that COVID-19's genomic sequence — CGG-CGG, otherwise known as double CGG — is unlike anything found in nature.

In their research, the two said that a spike protein has to be physically altered in order to make the virus more transmissible and more deadly, and as such, double CGG has "never been found naturally" in the "entire class of coronaviruses that includes CoV-2."

"Although the double CGG is suppressed naturally, the opposite is true in laboratory work," the pair wrote. "The insertion sequence of choice is the double CGG. That's because it is readily available and convenient, and scientists have a great deal of experience inserting it. An additional advantage of the double CGG sequence compared with the other 35 possible choices: It creates a useful beacon that permits the scientists to track the insertion in the laboratory."

"Now the damning fact," Quay and Muller pointed out. "It was this exact sequence that appears in CoV-2. Proponents of zoonotic origin must explain why the novel coronavirus, when it mutated or recombined, happened to pick its least favorite combination, the double CGG. Why did it replicate the choice the lab's gain-of-function researchers would have made?"

"At the minimum, this fact — that the coronavirus, with all its random possibilities, took the rare and unnatural combination used by human researchers — implies that the leading theory for the origin of the coronavirus must be laboratory escape," the experts added.

The two noted that additional scientific evidence points to CoV-2's gain-of-function origin.

"The most compelling is the dramatic difference in the genetic diversity of CoV-2, compared with the coronaviruses responsible for SARS and MERS," the pair noted, both of which were confirmed to have a natural origin.

"COVID-19 didn't work that way," they warned. "It appeared in humans already adapted into an extremely contagious version. No serious viral 'improvement' took place until a minor variation occurred many months later in England."

Newly released emails from infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci showed that he was warned as early as January 2020 that COVID-19 may have been engineered.

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