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New York restaurant servers tell Hollywood actresses to 'butt out' of their business on minimum wage campaign
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New York restaurant servers tell Hollywood actresses to 'butt out' of their business on minimum wage campaign

"These celebrities have literally no idea"

A group Hollywood actresses have been pushing New York lawmakers to raise the minimum wage for waitresses and other servers, but they want them to butt out of their business and leave them alone.

"These celebrities have literally no idea," said upstate New York bartender Maggie Raczynski. "I feel like they need to butt out."

The New York Times report says that Raczynski is not alone in her request for the actresses to act and shut up about politics.

She and other servers published a response to the liberal actresses in a note titled, "Restaurant Professionals Respond to Anti-Tipping Celebrities."

"The resounding message from servers in New York to these actresses in Hollywood is to just leave us alone," added Raczynski.

Some of the actresses involved in the anti-tipping effort are Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Williams, Amy Poehler and Amy Schumer.

The servers argue that raising the minimum wage for their industry would force restaurant owners to restructure their pay, which could mean eliminating tipping altogether or firing some staff to make up the difference.

"I'm telling you that I don't want my wage raised," said D. Sweeney, a former actor who works as a bartender. "Why am I saying that? Am I an idiot?"

Sweeney points out that the changes proposed by the liberal actresses could adversely affect another group they favor.

"Immigrant support staff will be the first to be fired," he told the New York Times.

The letter from servers made it clear that they didn't want liberal actresses from Hollywood meddling with their wages.

"Thank you for your concern," the letter said. "But we don't need your help and we're not asking to be saved."

Here's more about bad minimum wage policies:

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