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NFL player arrested after reportedly cheating at a casino goes on profane, racist rant against police, tries to escape


Interesting turn of events

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Police arrested Adam "Pacman" Jones last week after he was reportedly caught cheating at a Rising Sun, Indiana, casino.

Jones, an NFL free agent, let out a stream of profane, racist abuse directed toward law enforcement officers, according to authorities.

What are the details?

On Wednesday, TMZ reported that the arrest took place in the early hours of Feb. 27 after Jones, 35, was accused of cheating at the Rising Sun Casino Resort.

The outlet reported that the Indiana Gaming Commission Enforcement responded to the scene and escorted Jones into another area of the casino, where they took him into custody.

When officers arrived at the scene, an irate Jones reportedly swore at the agents and made profane gestures. Law enforcement also said that Jones made threats against one of the officers during his arrest.

Jones — who police said smelled of alcohol, the outlet said — reportedly told the officer, "I will kill you," and, "I will whoop your ass." Authorities handcuffed Jones when he became verbally combative.

Jones' wife, who was also at the casino, filmed the encounter. TMZ obtained video footage of the arrest. In the video, Jones can be heard telling his wife to call 911. Officers who arrested Jones can be heard telling Jones and his wife that the agents are police officers.

During the arrest, Jones also cried, "Don't touch me! Don't touch me! Why are you touching me?" He then went on to demand that his First Amendment rights be protected.

"F*** you ... you b***h ass n*****!" he screamed. "Freedom of speech! Freedom of speech! Freedom of speech!"

Jones went on to call other officers on the scene "crackers."

"You ain't s**t!" he screamed. "You ain't nothing but a b***h!"

What happened next?

Authorities with the Ohio County Sheriff's Office took Jones into custody, but during the transport to the local jail, Jones reportedly tried to flee.

Officers grabbed him almost immediately, and the NFL player began swearing again.

"F*** you!" he screamed. "You're a bunch of crackers!"

Court documents show that authorities charged Jones with felony intimidation and felony battery against an officer. Jones also faces misdemeanor charges for resisting law enforcement, public intoxication, and cheating at gambling.

This latest legal incident is just one of many for Jones. You can read more about his colorful legal history here.

Jones appeared in seven games for the Denver Broncos last season before getting released. He has been in the NFL for 13 years, and has played the Tennessee Titans, Dallas Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals and Broncos.

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