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Florida man tried to force woman to open OnlyFans account and post explicit content for his gain, say police

Image Source: WTVT-TV screenshot via Clearwater Police

Florida police say a Clearwater man beat a woman and threatened to hurt her more unless she started an OnlyFans account and performed a sexual act with him and another woman to earn money on the platform.

The alarming incident was described in a charging document against 30-year-old Demarko Spears.

Police say that Spears argued with the woman on May 19 because he learned on Snapchat that she had gone to a strip club without him. They say he slapped the woman in the face and demanded that she cash her paycheck and give him the money.

When the woman reportedly tried to run away from Spears at the Mid-Florida Credit Union, he dragged her back into his car.

Spears allegedly assaulted her again when she tried to get away at a Costco parking lot. This time she was successful in getting away, but she suffered abrasions and he was able to allegedly steal her phone and identification card before fleeing.

Police arrested Spears the following day and he was charged with extortion, strong-arm robbery, felony battery, grand theft, false imprisonment and tampering with a witness.

The woman told police that Spears wanted her to open the OnlyFans account and give him the money earned from the site.

OnlyFans has been popular among sex workers who seek to be paid for online videos, but more recently the platform has gained mainstream acceptance as others adopt the service to cash in on their fandom.

A disturbing report from the BBC found that teenagers are gaining access to OnlyFans with fake identification and posting explicit videos in order to gain income. In one report, a 14-year-old used her grandmother's passport in order to post on OnlyFans.

"This is something that we take very seriously. We constantly review our systems to ensure they are as robust as possible," said a statement from OnlyFans.

Here's the report from the BBC:

The children selling explicit videos on OnlyFans - BBC News

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