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Pennsylvania child sex-change clinic helps teachers turn elementary classrooms into breeding grounds for transgenderism: Report
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Pennsylvania child sex-change clinic helps teachers turn elementary classrooms into breeding grounds for transgenderism: Report

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has a gender clinic that reportedly offers medical interventions to kids as young as eight. In addition to the clinic providing children with devastating puberty blockers, its co-founders have previously advocated for confused little girls to have their healthy breasts cut off and for other varieties of irreversible mutilation.
In recent years, the clinic has gone beyond exploiting and exacerbating the insecurities of minors to training elementary teachers to do likewise.

A CHOP gender clinic representative provided guidance to educators in Pennsylvania's Pennsbury and Council Rock school districts in 2019 and 2021 on how to facilitate kids as young as kindergartners changing their gender, according to a new report from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The curriculum

CHOP's gender and sexuality development program notes on its website that it provides training for schools, churches, communities, and health care providers.

Much like Planned Parenthood, which peddles its own propaganda in American schools, the GSD clinic has formalized a "curriculum" to "provide trainings to administrators, staff and teachers to improve the classroom environment for transgender students."

These trainings coach administrators and teachers on how to:

  • establish "trans-inclusive policies";
  • understand "gender identity in the context of child development";
  • identify "ways to reduce gender-categorized classroom activities and projects";
  • clarify "what bullying and harassment looks and sounds like for transgender students"; and
  • institute "accountability plans" that reward students for compliance.

The training webinar peddled by the GSD clinic, funded to the tune of $176,000 by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, suggests that a failure to create environments conducive to transition might exacerbate students' self-harm behavior, but nowhere suggests that sex change mutilations constitute self-harm.

The CHOP seminar also instructs teachers to use the preferred names and pronouns of students regardless of whether parents or legal documents support the change.

Teachers are advised to keep information about a student's gender identity and transition "private from other students, staff, and family."

The Daily Caller previously reported that webinar host and former adolescent specialty provider at CHOP Zachary McClain claimed patients who took cross-sex hormones suffered "no regret" and that hormone conversion therapy resulted in "significant or complete resolution of gender dysphoria."

Among the additional resources the GSD clinic recommends to educators is the ACLU's "Schools in Transition" document, which claims, "Regardless of the age and grade level of the students, there are many activities and lessons that can effectively scaffold a student's gender transition. ... Using appropriate materials with students at any grade level will support a student's gender transition while at the same time creating greater awareness and space for every child's gender identity and expression."

It appears as though the GSD clinic is using Pennsylvania schools to farm future clients, and the state is coughing up money for it to do so.

Coaching accomplices

Linda Hawkins and Nadia Dowshen — Hawkins admitted to experimenting on homeless youth and Dowshen bragged to then-Pennsylvania physician general Rachel Levine in 2017 that she had trans patients as young as 15 who had undergone mastectomies — indicated in a 2020 interview that the bulk of their in-school indoctrination takes place in Pennsylvania.

The GSD clinic now receives 40 to 50 requests for school trainings each year. For a sense of scale, the incentivized trans activists completed 33 trainings in 15 schools in 2017, reaching over 1,500 educators.

The Daily Caller News Foundation has obtained documents shedding some light on the nature of these trainings.

Samantha King, the manager of education initiatives at the GSD clinic, reportedly met with elementary school staff at Pennsbury School District in May 2021 to detail how best to support a young child who adults alleged was transgender.

Although the prospective victim had not yet begun kindergarten, King was nonetheless keen to "make a plan" to support the kid's transition.

In one email exchange, Stephanie Hultquist, principal of Edgewood Elementary, suggested "this is a great starting point for our education, not just as a school but, district wide.'

Hultquist sought to have her school's director of equity, diversity, and education Cherissa Gibson, along with the school's counselor, nurse, psychologist, and others, be brought in so all could endeavor to affirm the child's perceived gender dysphoria.

The school later shelled out thousands of dollars to the GSD clinic for additional training sessions, both for elementary and middle school teachers, in April 2022.

In these sessions, King employed a "gender unicorn" to advance the claims that while biological sex corresponds to genitalia, gender identity is mentally constructed.

The CHOP gender coach reportedly also impressed upon teachers the need to convey to students that "gender exploration is 'normal and valid' no matter the age of the child" and to refrain from questioning students' identity claims.

These were hardly King's first attempts to help make elementary classrooms breeding grounds for transgenderism.

In April 2019, King reportedly met with Maureen W. Welsh Elementary School educators in the interest of helping a sixth-grader transition.

Months later, King returned to the Council Rock School District, this time to Newton Elementary School. Again, the purpose of her visit was to ensure a student's gender dysphoria was further enabled by staff and faculty.

The Daily Caller News Foundation indicated that the aforementioned school districts, CHOP, and King have yet to respond to request for comment.

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