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Pennsylvania mail-in ballots show Trump underperforming state GOP candidates and Biden overperforming state Democrats
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Pennsylvania mail-in ballots show Trump underperforming state GOP candidates and Biden overperforming state Democrats

'That gap is something we have never seen before'

Conservative Review senior editor Daniel Horowitz raised concerns about the margin of former Vice President Joe Biden's lead in mail-in votes in Pennsylvania, discussing the results with BlazeTV host Mark Levin on his Fox News program, "Life, Liberty, and Levin" Sunday night.

Horowitz, the host of the "Conservative Review Podcast," said that the official results show President Donald Trump underperforming other elected Republicans statewide and Biden overperforming his fellow Democrats in mail-in ballots. He says the results are concerning because the margins for Biden don't make sense.

The 2.6 million mail-in votes cast in Pennsylvania, "always seemed to skew against Trump even relative to other Republicans and they always seemed to favor Biden even relative to other Democratic candidates," Horowitz said.

"When you take a look at Republicans who won their races for state auditor, for state treasurer, it turns out that those Republicans did better than Trump on mail-ins but not on Election Day," he explained. "On Election Day they had fewer votes than Trump. Whereas, when you go to the Democrat victors, such as Dan Shapiro, the notorious attorney general, he seemed to do better than Biden on Election Day ballots but worse than Biden on mail-ins."

"In other words, Biden always won out on mail-ins and Trump always got fewer votes," he concluded.


"So what you're saying is Biden out-performed everyone including fellow Democrats on the mail-ins in a significant way and President Trump underperformed statewide Republicans on the mail-in ballots in a significant way," Levin asked.

"Exactly," Horowitz replied. "When you look at other states we're finding a similar pattern of a bunch of ballots cast that only had Biden, and of course, they're always mail-ins."

Horowitz noted that "naysayers" may argue that some people are only interested in the presidential race and may have only filled out their mail-in ballots for president, ignoring down ballot races.

"But the problem with that is, why would you see this asymmetry in Pennsylvania where even within Republican voters it seems that more of them filled out ballots for mail-ins down ballot ... but then when you go over to the Democrats it seems like more Democrats filled out down ballot Election Day but not on the mail-ins," he said.

Based on his analysis, given that 64.7% of mail-in votes in Pennsylvania were from registered Democrats, 23.7% from Republicans, and 11.6% from nonpartisan or other party voters, Horowitz estimated that even if Biden won 95% of returned mail-in ballots from Democrats, 21% from Republicans, and 80% from independents, he still wouldn't have reached the number of mail-in ballots he reportedly received when the votes were counted.

"That gap is something we have never seen before," Horowitz said.

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