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Matt Walsh, Larry O'Connor share personal stories about Tucker Carlson

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In the wake of Fox News Media's shocking Monday announcement that the network and Tucker Carlson had "agreed to part ways," some people shared stories about their own personal experiences with Tucker Carlson.

Radio host Larry O'Connor noted that Carlson once invited him over for Thanksgiving at a time when he otherwise would have had a "lonely" holiday.

"When I first moved to DC, @TuckerCarlson heard it was my first Thanksgiving away from home. I had just gone through a divorce and my kids were on the other side of the country. He invited me to his home and I enjoyed Thanksgiving with his father, his wife, his children and his dogs. They treated me like I was a part of the family. It turned what would have been a sad and lonely day into one I'll never forget. His family is full of joy and love and laughter. Tucker is the winner today," O'Connor tweeted.

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire shared that Carlson had once reached out to express apprication for his work.

"Tucker sent me a text message out of the blue several years ago just to tell me he appreciates my work. I had a much lower profile back then. I didn't think he even knew who I was. He took the time to track my number down and reach out. Very few people like that in this business," Walsh tweeted.

"Tucker Carlson once called me, out of the blue, because he had heard through friends that I was going through a rough patch," tweeted Nate Hochman. "We had never spoken before, but he took 45 minutes out of his night to offer support/advice. It remains one of the most surreal experiences of my life."

Fox News senior meterorologist Janice Dean did not provide specifics about her own experienes with Carlson, but noted that he has been kind to her.

"I've been the recipient of his kindness many times, and I've never seen or heard him do anything mean or hurtful to anyone. I've reached out to Tucker and his wife Susie to say I’m here if they need anything, because I know he would do the same for me," Dean tweeted.

"Tucker Carlson is one of the kindest public people who helped me over the years unconditionally. I've seen him do this for others as well," journalist Andy Ngô wrote.

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