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Piers Morgan says 'deluded Democrats, dumb liberal celebrities, shockingly-biased media' don’t understand impeachment will get Trump re-elected
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Piers Morgan says 'deluded Democrats, dumb liberal celebrities, shockingly-biased media' don’t understand impeachment will get Trump re-elected

'An act of extraordinary stupidity and self-harm'

British TV host Piers Morgan fired off a blistering op-ed in the Daily Mail on Thursday, condemning never-Trumpers for playing right into the Trump administration's hands.

The House impeached President Donald Trump on Wednesday night in a partisan vote on two impeachment articles: one count of abuse of power and one count of obstruction of Congress.

You can read more about the historic vote here.

Morgan's fiery article, titled, "It's a Merry Impeachmas alright — but for President Trump, not the deluded Democrats, dumb liberal celebrities and shockingly-biased media who don't understand that this will get him re-elected," is lighting up the internet.

What did Morgan say?

Morgan insisted that disingenuous Democrats have made a big mistake in thinking that impeachment will stop President Donald Trump from being re-elected in 2020.

"The truth is that [House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)] and her party have been plotting [impeachment] since Trump set foot in the White House," Morgan wrote. "They couldn't beat him at the ballot box in 2016 and fear they won't be able to beat him in the ballot box in 2020.

"As I have repeatedly said, it is an act of extraordinary stupidity and self-harm," he continued. "Never was this more apparent than in the moment of its happening."

The British TV presenter added that Wednesday's vote was one of the most "pointless, farcical days in the history of America's Congress," pointing out that there was no way the Democrats wouldn't win the impeachment vote in the Democrat-controlled House.

"They raged, they sighed, they rolled their eyes, they wiped away fake tears, they invoked every great American historical figure they could think of, they told their personal stories of family courage," he wrote, "and so they banged on, sucking the very life out of the holiday season with every indignant self-aggrandizing breath."

Calling the daylong debate on the House floor a "partisan pleasure-dome," Morgan said that only Democrats and liberals got any pleasure from the onerous proceedings.

"Meanwhile," he reasoned, "their supposed victim was at a rally chuckling to his base: 'This doesn't feel like an impeachment to me, does it to you?'"

According to Morgan, no — because it feels more like a "pathetic joke at America's expense."

"Let's be absolutely clear: Trump's not going to be convicted," he insisted. "He's going to be comfortably acquitted in any trial by a Republican-dominated Senate. ... And that's assuming the impeachment even reaches the Senate."

What else?

Morgan also took aim at liberal celebrities celebrating across social media with an unmatched glee — as if they actually understood what was happening.

"What are you clueless clowns all celebrating?" he wrote. "Are you just too dumb to see what's actually happening here? Do you not understand it all ends in a big loss for Trump-haters and a big win for Trump?"

Morgan pointed out that a potential Senate trial plays out only one way — with Trump being cleared of wrongdoing.

"His base will fire up even more than they already are, the Democrat base will fire down in abject dismay, and all the momentum for the 2020 Election will swing behind the President," he reasoned. "If the US economy continues to roar in the way it's currently doing, with stock markets hitting record highs and unemployment numbers hitting record lows, then Trump will storm towards another win next November like an unstoppable King Kong."

Morgan concluded by pointing out that Americans will simply continue to support Trump in the way they have for the last several years.

"That's why the latest polls show plunging support for impeachment," he wrote. "That's why the Democrats don't have a cat in hell's chance of it succeeding."

"And that's why Trump's laughing all the way to re-election," Morgan concluded. "As he'll be saying to himself today: Merry Impeachmas!

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