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Police: MAGA hat-wearing swordsman slashes man's hand when victim tries taking hat


A 'Make America Great Again' hat was photographed on the sidewalk right next to a pool of blood

Image source: KNTV-TV video screenshot

San Francisco police said a man armed with a sword and wearing a red "Make America Great Again" hat — the symbol of President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign — slashed another man's hand Friday night after the pair got into a verbal confrontation and the victim tried to take the swordsman's hat, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Police are still searching for the swordsman who fled the scene outside the adults-only roller disco Church of 8 Wheels and also searching for security video and speaking to witnesses, the paper said.

Image source: KNTV-TV video screenshot

What allegedly happened?

Officer Robert Rueca, a San Francisco police spokesman, said the victim was approached by another man wearing a MAGA hat and the two began arguing, the Chronicle reported. The victim then tried to grab the hat, and the man who approached him pulled out a sword and slashed him, Rueca told the paper.

Police originally reported the victim was wearing the MAGA hat but changed their statement late Saturday, the Chronicle said.

"I can't speak to the discrepancy in the information," Rueca told the paper in a separate story. "There was a lot of information being put out there that we were still looking to confirm, so that may have led to the confusion."

What did a witness have to say?

Scott Sweeney, 24, said he saw a man wearing a MAGA hat with a sword tucked into the back of his jacket about 30 minutes before the attack shouting homophobic slurs at him and his girlfriend, the Chronicle said.

"In my mind I didn't think it was a real sword until we came out later and police were on the scene and there was blood and the hat on ground," Sweeney added to the paper.

What did the man who runs the roller disco have to say?

David Miles — aka "Sk8father" — launched the roller disco at the former Sacred Heart Catholic Church and was inside during the confrontation, the Chronicle said.

"I came outside. The guy was cut, he was bleeding like you wouldn't believe," Miles told he paper. "He was just gushing blood, so we got the first aid kit from inside and tried to stop the bleeding."

What happened to the victim?

The victim was taken to a hospital where he was treated for injuries that were not life-threatening, police told the Chronicle. Miles added to the paper that officers asked the victim if a man dressed as a pirate entered the roller rink, but he hadn't seen anyone like that.


Miles posted a Facebook photo of a red MAGA hat sitting right next to a pool of blood on the sidewalk.

"Tonight is the first time I have ever experienced how utterly crazy T-rump people really are!!!" he wrote in his post.

But not every commenter believed the story is true:

  • "Convenient for the sword-swinging assailant to take his MAGA hat off and leave it on the scene, in nearly mint condition by the way[.] I like how the Trump supporters numbering in the tens in San Francisco keep the bills of their caps completely straight. I'm sure that hat would be full of DNA and fingerprints of the assailant, so this case should be wrapped up shortly."
  • "Jussie Smollett is loose!!"
  • "Here's the thing, if this s**t happened, why is there no video of it? Everyone has smart phones and there would've been recordings and the news would be all over this. Seems fake..."
  • "I'll take crap that never happened for $500, Alex."
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