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Poll shows overall support for gun control fall by 10 points from 2018, mostly from Republicans


Support still remains high, especially from Democrats

Photo by MARCO LONGARI/AFP via Getty Images

A new poll showed that support in America for new gun control legislation fell by 10 percentage points over the previous 3 years, but most of that decrease came among Republicans.

While nearly two thirds of Americans still support new gun control in the USA Today Ipsos poll, that constitutes a drop of 10 points over three years from 2018, when 75% of Americans supported it.

Most of that drop comes from Republicans. While a majority of Republicans supported greater gun control in the same poll in 2018, that 59% has plummeted by 24 percentage points to only 35% of support in the newest poll.

Democrats showed a small drop of 2 percentage points in support for gun control from 92% in 2018 to 90% in the latest poll.

Democrats led by President Joe Biden have renewed their calls for more extensive gun control regulation after a pair of horrifying attacks in Boulder, Colorado, and at three massage parlors near Atlanta, Georgia.

Ipsos President Cliff Young said that the messaging from GOP leadership has led more Republicans to drop their support for gun control.

"This is much more about a shift in the Republican base, and their leadership, than about the issue itself," Young said. "In these highly tribalized times, cues from leadership become especially important in how the public forms their stance around issues. The partisan cuing around gun reforms has changed among Republican leadership, and the Republican base has followed suit."

Second Amendment supporters were dealt a judicial blow on Wednesday when the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that gun rights effectively ended when a person left their property and entered into the public.

Although the Senate is evenly split between Republicans and Democrats, new gun control measures would need 60 votes to break a filibuster, an unlikely outcome.

Here's more about the push for gun control from Democrats:

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