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Popular TikTok transvestite outed as a pedophile who stalked a mother and molested her children
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Popular TikTok transvestite outed as a pedophile who stalked a mother and molested her children

A cross-dressing TikTok star has been exposed in court as a pedophile who molested children and stalked a family into homelessness.

The mother of the victims told the pedophile in court Tuesday, "You can wear any mask you like, but the truth is out and everybody knows who you really are, finally."

The Adelaide Advertiser reported that the middle-aged man who calls himself Rachel Queen Burton was arrested in October 2022 by the elite Joint Anti Child Exploitation team over crimes that took place in rural and regional South Australia in 2019.

Burton, a self-described "proud Trans Woman living [his] best life with no regrets," initially denied the allegations; however, he has since pleaded guilty to aggravated counts of producing and possessing child porn, gross indecency, and indecent assault.

Judge Rauf Soulio of the South Australia District Court heard that Burton repeatedly molested two children prior to his rise as a local LGBT icon on TikTok, where he netted over 36,000 followers and frequently appeared with the transgender flag.

The victims' mother told the court that she fled with the kids upon discovering the abuse, but that they were pursued by Burton.

The mother indicated she managed to take the children to a police-issued safe house, but even there, safety proved illusory as Burton "showed up at the window, peering in," prompting them to flee again, reported the Advertiser.

"No food, scared children, too scared to go anywhere, never knowing if you could find us," said the mother. "When the children did sleep, nightmares haunted them."

Burton appeared in court via video link from a men's prison during the hearing, affording the mother an opportunity to address him.

"You are the monster, you make me feel sick to my stomach," she said.

"You are a gross, phony, self-indulgent thing who has cheated my children out of so much, and took it away from them without care," continued the mother. "In your online rants, you showed no remorse for your bad behavior, all while knowing what you had done … getting an audience for your false life was far more important."

The pedophile reportedly blubbered throughout the victims' statements.

The woman's daughter, the youngest victim, said, "I was happy before you broke the rules, I didn't know what was going on at the time, I feel angry at you for doing the wrong thing to me."

"I felt like a bird trapped in a cage," added the youngest victim. "All I wanted was to be free."

The girl's brother noted he has chronic nightmares on account of the abuse.

The victims' older brother, who was reportedly not abused by Burton, characterized the transvestite as "repulsive, filthy and vile."

Reduxx reported that Burton had revealed in a January 2022 video that he had been taking sex-change hormone therapy for over a month.

"I [thought] I was supposed to get moody. But I haven't been moody since starting the testosterone blockers ... I got a little b****y — just a little b****y, that was when I was straight on the estrogen," said the pedophile. "I still cry. I still cry heaps. I'm still an emotional wreck. But it's a nice emotion."

Despite his alleged use of hormones, there is no indication he will be transferred to a women's prison.

Critics have taken notice of Burton's seamless transition from predator to trans influencer.

The Texas Family Project asked, "Does this surprise anyone?"

Genevieve Gluck, co-founder of the feminist publication Reduxx, noted, "Paraphilias, or sexual fetishes, are symptoms of sexual pathology, and they often escalate and overlap."

South African billionaire Elon Muskwrote, "If evil people are given a moral cloak that cannot be questioned, they are certain to wear it. This is not to say that all transgender people are bad – that would be false – but rather that they should be no more above questioning than anyone else."

Burton will reportedly remain in custody until further sentencing in April.

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