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Video shows far-left activists storm ICE facility, remove American flag — then raise Mexican flag


They also raised a defaced American flag

Image via Twitter @mattmauronews screenshot

Far-left protesters stormed an ICE facility in Aurora, Colorado, on Friday, removing the American flag flying outside the facility and replacing it with the Mexican flag.

Video captured outside the facility showed unruly protesters taking down the American flag and hoisting three in its place: A Mexican flag, a defaced Blue Lives Matter-themed American flag that was hoisted upside down, and a third flag that appeared to be just rags.

According to the Denver Post, the protesters were upset about potential immigration raids taking place over the weekend, which would target illegal immigrants living in the Denver-area.

Angry protesters also demonstrated against the treatment of detained migrants, whose questionable living conditions have become the focus of national scrutiny.

According to KCNC-TV, detained migrants are being housed at the Aurora facility.

After the protesters were dispersed, officials replaced Old Glory to her rightful place along with the Colorado state flag, the original flags that flew outside the facility.

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