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Protestors in blackface taunt Justin Trudeau on the campaign trail


'We're Aladdin too!'

Image source: CityNews Toronto YouTube screenshot

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's reelection campaign has been tainted ever since several images from years back emerged of him proudly displayed in blackface. But despite efforts to put the past in the past, some Canadians aren't willing to let the issue go away.

On Friday, two protestors stood on the sidelines of a Trudeau campaign stop, donning blackface and holding signs that read, "We're Aladdin too!"

What are the details?

TMZ reported that the two demonstrators were "happy to remind" Trudeau of the controversial photos that drew international scorn, and the tabloid posted an image of the protestors that quickly hit Twitter.

Trudeau has apologized for his actions, but has also actively dodged questions about his previous faux pas even when directly asked by reporters.

The politician conceded and finally responded, however, when he was asked by a pair of little girls last week, "Why did you paint your face brown?"

Much scrutiny has befallen American politicians for the same offense, such as Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D), who was able to keep his office despite the uproar over his alleged blackface costume from medical school.

Regardless, former U.S. President Barack Obama gave the signal that bygones should be bygones, after he endorsed Trudeau for reelection last week.

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