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Rep. Al Green abruptly exits CNN interview after question about failed impeachment vote helping Trump


He was quite eager to get away

Image source: CNN video screenshot

Democratic Rep. Al Green of Texas abruptly ended a CNN interview after blowing through a question about whether he was playing into President Donald Trump's hands by pushing impeachment.

Green introduced articles of impeachment Wednesday, and the effort was overwhelmingly defeated 332-95. Support for impeachment clearly isn't there, when the Democratic majority House can't come close to voting in favor of it.

Still, Green says he isn't deterred, and that "we will March on until victory is won."

"The base is not the American people," Green said. "The American people don't want to tolerate bigotry. I just have faith in the American people and I will continue."

Just as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has feared, however, these impeachment efforts are working in Trump's favor politically. Because there is not a solid reason for impeachment, and many Democrats, especially those in red or purple districts, do not want to impeach, a lopsided vote gives the president a chance to declare victory—which he did.

"Impeachment of your President, who has led the Greatest Economic BOOM in the history of our Country, the best job numbers, biggest tax reduction, rebuilt military and much more, is now OVER," Trump tweeted.

CNN's Kate Bolduan had some questions about Green's strategy. Perhaps Pelosi is right that Trump actually wants Democrats to keep trying to impeach to solidify his base, and that the failed vote and reaction to it proves that? Green disagreed, but he also ended the interview to prevent any follow ups.

"The speaker and I have the same goal and that's to do what's in the best interests of our country," Green responded. "We have different paths but the same goal. I must tell you, I have a vote that's on now and I must leave, so I do appreciate you very much, but I do have to run now. Thank you."

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Democrat who introduced articles of impeachment walks off CNN during live interviewyoutu.be

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