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Woman alleges sexual misconduct, abuse against three police officers. Now she’s the one facing charges.


A Washington state woman has been charged with two counts each of tampering with evidence and malicious prosecution


Idunn Schneider reportedly falsely accused at least three police officers of sexual misconduct.

Schneider, 45, said that she entered into relationships with at least two Bellevue, Washington, police officers as well as the Bellevue police chief.

Schneider — who was married at the time — said she met the men online.

What are the details?

She and one of the men, Bellevue Officer John Kivlin — who was also married — reportedly engaged in a consensual relationship from September 2017 to April 2018.

In April, Schneider said that Kivlin punched her in the face on two occasions. Schneider also said that Kivlin was attempting to intimidate her into retracting her story. In response to Schneider's allegations, authorities arrested Kivlin on assault and witness tampering charges.

After a thorough investigation, prosecutors determined that the allegations against Kivlin were unfounded, and that Schneider had lied.

Despite being vindicated, Kivlin lost his wife, job, and home, and spent nearly two months in jail as a result of Schneider's allegations.

Who else?

Bellevue Police Chief Steve Mylett was another one of Schneider's apparent targets.

Schneider said that she'd met Mylett on a kink website, according to the Seattle Times. Schneider alleged that she met the chief at a rental home in October 2016, where he reportedly raped her.

An investigation into the allegations rendered no evidence that Mylett had raped Schneider, nor had he been living in the home at the time of the alleged attack.

Mylett was cleared on all allegations, and despite being put on administrative leave during the investigation, he was able to return to his position in the department.

A third, unnamed officer was never charged, but did resign from the police department amid Schneider's rampant accusations.

So now what?

The Times reported that police discovered Schneider had made false rape allegations in the past, but none of the alleged perpetrators had pressed charges against her because of "concerns about her mental health."

According to court documents, Schneider reportedly "fabricated evidence and used a sophisticated ruse to deceive Kivlin, law enforcement, prosecutors, and the court in order to have Kivlin taken into custody and charged with additional crimes."

"The result of the [Schneider's] fabrication was that law enforcement arrested Kivlin for crimes he did not commit, prosecutors filed charges against Kivlin for crimes he did not commit, and the court held Kivlin in custody for order violations which he did not commit," the court documents added.

A charging affidavit reads, “Additional facts surfaced in this and other investigations that severely called into question the credibility of Ms. Schneider. The facts include that on two occasions in 2008 and 2009, Ms. Schneider reported to authorities that she'd been the victim of rape. She later admitted that in both instances the allegations were fabrications."

Schneider was charged Tuesday with two counts each of felony malicious prosecution and misdemeanor tampering with physical evidence.

Schneider is due in court for arraignment on Dec. 31.

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