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Reporter asks President Trump what he learned from impeachment. His response blasts Democrats' corruption.


Is that the only lesson to be taken from all of this?

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A reporter asked President Donald Trump about his biggest takeaway from the Senate impeachment trial — and his response went viral.

The Senate acquitted Trump on Feb. 5 of charges that he abused his power and obstructed Congress.

What are the details?

On Wednesday, a reporter in the Oval Office asked the president what he learned after the trial. Trump quipped that his biggest takeaway is that Democrats are "vicious" and "crooked" and that he is now polling "10 points higher."

"Some Republicans have said they hoped you would learn a lesson from impeachment," the reporter told Trump. "What lesson did you learn from impeachment?"

Trump responded that he had learned that "the Democrats are crooked."

"They've got a lot of crooked things going, that they're vicious, that that they shouldn't have brought impeachment, and that my poll numbers are 10 points higher because of fake news like NBC, which reports the news very inaccurately," he added.

The president issued the response during Wednesday's meeting with Ecuador's president.

Video of the exchange, shared by C-SPAN, has been viewed 220,000 times at the time of this writing.

What's the background?

Last week, the upper chamber held two votes on two articles of impeachment against the president. Article 1 alleged that Trump engaged in an abuse of power in asking the Ukrainian government to closely examine any possible corruptions in former Vice President Joe Biden and son, Hunter Biden, and their ties to the Ukrainian government during Biden's tenure as vice president.

Article 2 alleged that Trump obstructed Congress in refusing to cooperate with the House investigation.

In September, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced the impeachment inquiry against Trump. Several months later in December, the House approved the articles. Pelosi later sent the articles to the Senate in January.

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