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Black trans reporter accuses journalism industry of transphobia and sexism: 'Y'all don't do this to white trans journalists'

Image Source: TransLash YouTube video screenshot

A reporter who identifies as black, transgender, and gender-fluid accused the journalist industry of transphobia in a thread on social media that went viral.

Tat Bellamy-Walker works for the Seattle Times but complained Sunday on Twitter about transphobic experiences.

"As a Black trans man and gender-fluid reporter, I feel like the journalism industry does not hear me when I say I am still read as a Black woman and that I experience transphobia. Instead, people ignore my gender identity and act as if I am making it up," Bellamy-Walker tweeted.

"No one hears me when I say I experience sexism, misogynoir and transmisogyny. No one hears me when I say I don't want to use a men's bathroom and that I have been historically pushed out of these spaces," the reporter said in a second tweet.

"The way I am expected to carry Black cis manhood as a trans man/gender fluid person who has spoken openly about his identity is crazy. Y'all don't do this to white trans journalists," Bellamy-Walker continued in a now-deleted tweet.

The thread garnered more than 100k views and more than 400 retweets. Many of Bellamy-Walker's followers apologized for the alleged transphobia that Bellamy-Walker claimed to have experienced as a black, transgender, gender-fluid journalist.

In an interview on the TransLash show from 2020, Bellamy-Walker spoke about the obstacles preventing Bellamy-Walker from obtaining "gender-affirming" surgery.

"When I was told that you know, your BMI [Body Mass Index] was like a couple of percentages off and you can't be scheduled to see the doctor just for a consultation, you know, I'm like, it feels like every step of the way I encounter some sort of barrier," Bellamy-Walker said.

Here's more about the transgender agenda:

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