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Joe Rogan defends Bud Light over transgender spokesperson controversy: 'Why ... do you give a f***?'

Image Source: Joe Rogan Podcast YouTube video screenshot

Joe Rogan weighed in on the controversy over Bud Light making a transgender TikTok personality its spokesperson on his podcast.

Rogan made the comments while talking to guest Sam Tallent, a comedian, who asked for a beer during the recording of the show.

"Get some Bud Lights, let's do this in support of Bud Light in their time of stress," said Rogan.

"Let's be allies, but I gotta get a little day drunk!" joked Tallent.

"We're gonna be allies, you know, because Kid Rock and Travis Tritt have put the f***ing hammer down!" Rogan added.

"Here's my take," said Rogan. "Like what they're doing is spreading the brand to an extra group of people."

"Yeah!" Tallent agreed.

"Why, if something is something is good, do you give a f*** who's got it?!" asked Rogan.

"Would we do this with cheesecake?" he joked. "You know what I'm saying? If there was a bomb-ass cheesecake and all of sudden, you know, some radical group like Antifa, really got into the cheesecake, would we be like, 'f*** this!' And if the Cheesecake Factory sent Antifa a cheesecake, 'for ten more years of chaos!'" he laughed. "You know, like celebratory!"

Rogan went on to drink a Bud Light beer with Tallent during the segment before he added that he also "loved" the video put out by Kid Rock criticizing Bud Light.

"I love that kind of thinking. Not even that I agree with it, I like wild people!" Rogan explained.

"I like a dude who take takes a machine gun to a stack of Bud Lights, who's like, 'F*** Anheuser-Busch!'" he laughed.

He pointed out that the Coors company had also supported the LGBTQ agenda.

Tallent was far more dismissive of the critics of Anheuser-Busch during the segment and went so far as to claim, "There is no woke agenda!"

Rogan returned to the topic later in the podcast and said that his initial reaction to the campaign was shock.

"What the f*** is this?" he said. "This is silly."

His guest had a different reaction.

"Also, she's pretty! I get it," said Tallent about transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney, to which Rogan made a dismissive sound.

"No, I mean, I see nothing wrong," he added.

"Good luck!" Rogan retorted.

Transgender activists and supporters of the LGBTQ agenda have excoriated Rogan for previous comments he made on his podcast questioning parents who push their children to transition too early.

Here's the video of his reaction to the trans controversy:

Joe's Take on the Bud Light Controversywww.youtube.com

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