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Roland Martin chastises Biden, Democrats, says they must 'engage in war' with Republicans before midterms — and DNC chairman agrees: 'A good road map'

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After journalist Roland Martin said during an MSNBC interview that President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party must be "willing to engage in war" with Republicans as the midterm elections approach, Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison called Martin's outburst "a good road map."

What are the details?

Tiffany Cross — host of MSNBC's "The Cross Connection" — focused on Democratic prospects this fall during her Saturday program. In one segment, she sat with Harrison in the studio, and he blamed the media for reporting on "the Democrats in disarray" instead of what he called the party's successes.

With that, Cross said, "Let's talk about the fascists on the other side" and pointed Harrison to a heated take Martin expressed earlier in the program.

"We look at the minutiae of politics, and most Americans are not doing that," Cross told Harrison. "And there are still a lot of people who feel disconnected from the party or maybe even disappointed in the party. Fair enough. I want you to take a listen. We had Roland Martin on at the beginning of the show ... he had a lot to say about what he thinks Democrats should be doing. I want you to take a listen to get your thoughts."

The screen then flipped to a snippet showing Martin chastising Biden and the Democrats — and then saying how they should handle the GOP.

"You’ve gotta have President Joe Biden stop being scared of Senator Joe Manchin and go make the argument in West Virginia and go to the red parts of Mississippi and Alabama and say, 'This is what we have done, and these folks voted against it, and this is how we have delivered,'" Martin said. "They’ve got to be willing to engage in war. You cannot play fair with people who don’t play fair. There are no rules. The other side has shown that they will do whatever is necessary in order to win. So you’ve gotta say, 'America, when they didn’t care about you, we did.'"

How did Harrison react?

When the screen flipped back to Cross in the studio with Harrison, she asked the DNC chair, "What are your thoughts? I felt like that was a good road map."

Harrison replied, "Well, it is a good road map."

Here's the clip:

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(H/T: Mediaite)

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