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Russian Navy deploys new weapon that causes enemy to vomit, hallucinate


The 'visual optical interference' device has been placed on two warships

Vadim Savitsky\TASS via Getty Images

The Russian Navy has outfitted two of its warships with a new weapon that reportedly causes its targets to vomit and hallucinate, according to state news agency RIA Novosti.

The weapon, called Filin 5P-42, has been described as a "visual-optical interference" device.

Ruselectronics, a Russian military contractor, developed the technology that's intended to "dazzle and incapacitate attackers," Newsweek reported.

How does it work?

A laser beam is fired into the eyesight of the target that disrupts their vision and hinders their ability to see. The brightness of the beam is modulated by "low-frequency oscillations," according to RIA Novosto.

About 20 percent of those who volunteered as testers claimed they saw a "ball of light" moving in front of their eyes, Maritime Executive reported. The volunteers also reported having trouble aiming their rifles and guns because they weren't able to see their targets.

About half of the testers reported feeling disoriented, dizzy, and nauseous. And about 20 percent experienced hallucinations.

Ruselectronics has claimed the device can also cause temporary blindness. The effects are reportedly reversible.

The Filin has another mode that can be used to quash night vision technology, laser targeting systems, and anti-tank missiles for up to three miles, according to the manufacturer.

What else?

The Filin 5P-42 has been placed on the Russian naval frigates Admiral Gorshkov and Admiral Kasatonov. Both warships are currently deployed in the Arctic Ocean.

The device is expected to be installed on two more warships that are currently under construction. Smaller versions of the device are being developed to support ground troops.

Filin means "eagle owl" when translated into English.

Rifle-mounted laser dazzlers are used by the military in the U.S. and United Kingdom in special non-lethal circumstances, according to Maritime Executive.

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