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VIDEO: As violent protests, looting overwhelmed Seattle, one woman had her eye on a very specific item: cheesecake
Image source: KIRO-TV screenshot

VIDEO: As violent protests and looting overwhelmed Seattle, one woman had her eye on a very specific item: cheesecake

Maybe she just wanted to have a nice date night

Cities across America saw violent riots and looting as opportunist radicals took advantage of protests in the wake of George Floyd's death at the hands of Minneapolis police. Those agitators enflamed the situations — literally and figuratively — and led to burgled businesses and burned out buildings.

Seattle was one of the many places that saw the horrific actions by those who care not a whit about the death of George Floyd or police brutality or racial reconciliation. Video footage over the weekend showed hundreds of people robbing downtown stores — carrying off everything from electronics to clothes.

But one masked woman was caught on video calmly walking out of a destroyed Cheesecake Factory storefront holding the perfect ingredients for a lovely date night: cheesecake and champagne.

She took what?

Looters had already smashed the restaurant's windows and either taken or tossed much of the place's alcohol when KIRO-TV captured footage of the woman reportedly stealing an entire cheesecake, a pair of wineglasses, and a champagne flute.

As chaos engulfed sections of the city, the unidentified female casually strolled out of the eatery, carrying a cheesecake on a service tray in one hand and drinkware and flute in the other.

As she approached the street, she slowed, calmly looked for cars, and went on her way. As she left, she appeared be joined by a young man — no word if he was a protester, someone needing a snack, or a date.

Social media, of course, went gaga for the girl. Here are a few takes:

  • "This protester casually walking around with a full Cheesecake Factory cake they looted here in Seattle is absolutely the hero we deserve today."
  • "I can't stop thinking about this girl who walked out of the Seattle Cheesecake Factory as it was being looted with an entire strawberry cheesecake"
  • "They really looted the Cheesecake Factory in Seattle and went walking down the street with cake out in the open on a sheet lmao"
  • "That Seattle footage of the girl walking around w/ the cheesecake -- I feel you girl LOL"
  • "People in Seattle took the cheesecakes from The Cheesecake Factory. When I thought I've seen it all."
  • "i know some serious s**t's going down rn, but nothing will be funnier to me than that seattle news screencap where the caption is "VIOLENT PROTESTS TURN DESTRUCTIVE" and the film is literally just a person walking calmly holding an entire cheesecake in their hand"

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