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A 'secret Santa' anonymously paid off $65,000 in layaway accounts at Walmart, and left a 7-word note for recipients


"God loves you..."

Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

A man playing secret Santa paid off all of the layaway accounts at a Walmart and left a seven-word note for each recipient about why he did it.

The holiday gift totaled $65,000 at the Walmart in Anniston, Alabama.

One woman described what happened when she went to pick up toys for her children and pay some of her layaway account.

"I said I just wanna check and see how much I owe on my layaway so I can get it off in time for Christmas," Hannah Haynes told WBMA-TV.

She says the cashier looked up her account and told her, "you don't owe anything."

The cashier told her about the man who paid off her account.

Haynes says the cashier told her, "Yeah he came in and he paid off everyone's layaway totaling $65,000."

The man asked that the recipients be given a simple seven-word message.

"God loves you," the message read. "Jesus paid the price."

Walmart did not confirm the amount that the cashier told Haynes, but said that the amount he paid off was very generous.

Haynes told WBMA that she wished she could thank him for his act of generosity.

"I wish I could thank the anonymous person for being so obedient," she said.

She said she posted the message on her refrigerator to remind her to bless others as she had been blessed.

"Everyday I'm gonna wake up like, how can I bless someone?" Haynes asked. "How can I show someone that type of love?"

Here's a local news story about the gift:

Secret Santa clears layaway debt for Anniston Walmart shoppers www.youtube.com

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