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Sex guide for kids sold at department store — explains 'hand jobs,' 'scissoring,' and pushes transgender ideology

Images via chrisprimod / Twitter (screenshots)

A sex guide aimed at children ages 10-15 is being sold in department stores with instructions on how to perform sex acts, descriptions of gender identities, and graphic illustrations of penises.

The book "Welcome to Sex: Your No-Silly-Questions Guide to Sexuality, Pleasure and Figuring It Out" by Melissa Kang and Yumi Stynes was released in May 2023 and is being sold in Big W department stores in Australia, according to News.com.au.

The book talks about penis size with a plethora of illustrations before getting into instructions on sex acts.

Instructions on "scissoring" are given, featuring a drawing of what appears to be an amputee engaging in the act. In addition, another heading read, "The low down on anal sex," while "How do you finger someone?", "Hand jobs," and "Oral sex on a penis" all have dedicated sections in the book.

While the book notes that it is appropriate for "apprehensive" 11-year-olds and "curious" 14-year-olds, author Stynes allegedly wrote on her Instagram page that she would be okay with a "mature" 8-year-old reading the book.

"Before you ask 'what age, exactly?' it depends where your kid is at in maturity. Roughly 10-15 years old but I'd be happy with a mature and smart 8-yo having a flick through," she reportedly wrote.

After downplaying virginity as a "myth," the book details why gender identity is important. "Identity is more than your ID," it included.

An example of a confused child in the book read, "I'm 13 and really confused about my sexuality. I consider myself polysexual, but I'm still not sure. I hear a lot of people say, 'Oh you're just a kid, you don't know what you like,' and I don't know what to think anymore. Is it OK to be a lesbian and straight at the same time?"

Without offering any explanation of the alleged child's feelings, the book simply says, "It's not uncommon for people's sexual identity to change over time."

The book then lists a series of "Sexual identity labels" that included: "Gay, Bi/Bisexual, Heterosexual, Lesbian, Asexual, Aromantic, Pansexual, Cis-Female, Cis-Male, Gender Fluid, Trans-female, Trans-male, [and] Agender."

A spokesperson for Big W defended the book in a comment to the Australian outlet, disputing claims the book was inappropriate for children.

“Big W has a wide range of books and products that represent a diverse Australian community,” the spokesperson said. “Welcome to Sex is an educational, age-appropriate and inclusive book featuring content from adolescent health experts that matches the development and early experiences of teens aged 12-15," the spokesperson also claimed.

"It is shelved in parenting in our books section so parents can make their own decisions on what is appropriate for their family," they further justified.

However, according to Rachael Wong, CEO of Women's Forum Australia, the book is scheduled to be removed from in-store sales due to backlash. Though, the book will still be available online as part of its "parenting range."

The book was on sale for $16 AUD ($10.92 USD), and reviews of the product on Big W's website have since been turned off.

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