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Another sheriff gives kudos to homeowners for exercising their Second Amendment rights, defending their home against intruders


'I have often stated that law enforcement can be minutes away when you only have seconds to defend yourself and your family'

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Yet another sheriff had high praise for homeowners who exercised their Second Amendment rights and successfully defended themselves against intruders.

What are the details?

Homeowners in Garden City, Alabama, were awakened early Monday morning by four suspects breaking into their residence, the Cullman County Sheriff's Office said.

But the quartet were promptly met by the homeowners who had armed themselves for the occasion, the sheriff's office added. Suddenly, the uninvited guests decided they couldn't stay a second longer and took off, authorities said.

One of the homeowners followed the foursome, and the sheriff's office said there was an exchange of gunfire — with one of the suspects getting shot and later being transported to a regional hospital.

Sheriff's deputies and officers from the Hanceville Police Department managed to detain three of the suspects — including the shot intruder. The fourth suspect fled in a vehicle but was shortly after located and arrested, authorities said.

Kudos from the sheriff

The sheriff's office indicated there's no further danger to the community — and gave kudos to the homeowners for arming themselves.

"This is a great example of citizens utilizing their Second Amendment rights and protecting themselves and their family," Sheriff Matt Gentry said. "I have often stated that law enforcement can be minutes away when you only have seconds to defend yourself and your family. That's why we at the sheriff's office are proponents of not only having a weapon for self defense but also being proficient in how to use it."

Anything else?

It's a sentiment that's common among sheriffs — and it was just echoed by the sheriff of Pasco County, Florida, who sang the praises of a homeowner who protected his family against a gunman who'd broken into their Land O' Lakes home Aug. 8.

"He was defending himself and his family," Sheriff Chris Nocco said of the homeowner, who ended up fatally shooting the intruder. "Any loss of life is tragic, but the victim was utilizing his Second Amendment rights to protect himself and his family ... I can't imagine the fear that they were going through, but I'm very happy [about] the fact that he was able to defend himself ..."

Nocco added that "when their lives were on the line, when that door was being kicked in, they utilized their Second Amendment rights, and they're safe because of it."

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