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Socialist actor Brian Cox calls Fox News 'the devil,' but also criticizes CNN for being redundant without nuance

Image Source: CNBC YouTube video screenshot

Hollywood actor Brian Cox called Fox News "the devil," but offered criticism for CNN as well while decrying the divisiveness in America.

Cox, who was born in Scotland, made the comments Wednesday on CNBC.

"What's so interesting about America is it's so polarized, and yet it doesn't, you know like, CNN's clearly the same story again and again and again and again and again, and I love CNN because I'm fairly left-wing so I go to it," Cox said.

"But then I get, everybody's, it's the same number because it's in opposition, quite rightly," he added.

"And then Fox News, I don't even go there, because that's, like, you know, the devil!" he laughed while making a figure of the cross with his fingers.

"But it's so interesting, that, back in the U.K., there's more debate, there's more nuance in the news," he continued. "It's not as cut and dry, you know, it's not as — but also I understand where it comes from, because this country desperately needs alignment, and so you can see why these channels have developed in the way they have."

Cox went on to say that Fox News is the way it is because there's a market for it, not because the owner necessarily believes in it. He concluded that the United States desperately needs "polarity" because it's in such a bad state.

Best known for his roles in "Braveheart," "The Bourne Identity," "Adaptation," and "Rushmore," Cox had previously identified himself as a socialist and said that his politics were rooted in his experience as a poverty-stricken child whose father died at an early age.

Cox is currently starring as a media titan character on HBO's "Succession" series, which is in its third season.

Here's the interview of Brian Cox on CNBC:

'Succession's' Brian Cox: TV is so actor-friendly right now www.youtube.com

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