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'He wants to be a martyr' - ESPN's Stephen A. Smith dismantles Colin Kaepernick after workout debacle


"You don't wanna work. You just wanna make noise."

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ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith dismantled the arguments of those defending former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick in a video he posted about the NFL workout debacle that unfolded on Saturday.

Smith explained how Kaepernick and his defenders have been demanding that the NFL give the controversial former San Francisco 49ers quarterback a chance to play again despite the inevitable political risk for any team that would entail.

"So what does the NFL do? Recognizing that teams need a shield because they need something to hide behind because they know that, guess what, if we bring this brother in for a workout, and we don't like him or we don't want him, who knows what we're gonna get accused of. We need cover!" Smith explained.

"So the NFL provides that. I have no doubt Jay-Z is involved, I have no doubt Roger Goodell is involved, I have no doubt that there's a host of people involved, but forget all of that!" he exclaimed.

"This man wanted a chance. 25 teams show up in Georgia, at the Atlanta Falcons training facility, state of the art facility, state of the art NFL personnel, equipment, everything! video, everything! And what does Colin Kaepernick do. Not Tuesday, when he found out about it. Not Wednesday, not Thursday, not Friday!" Smith continued.

"Saturday! Three hours before the workout because of some issue with a liability waiver. Colin Kaepernick wants to change the venue. Colin Kaepernick wants his own receivers. Colin Kaepernick wants to video things himself. Colin Kaepernick wants the media, this is the Colin Kaepernick — the media can't find him! He does no interviews, he don't talk to nobody, media can't find him but he wants to do media! He wants the media available now," he added.

"You see, you see," Smith said. "He don't wanna play. He wants to be a martyr. But guess what, it ain't workin' this time."

Smith went on to say that if Kaepernick had completed the workout event as planned that he would have been signed to a team within two weeks.

"You don't wanna work. You just wanna make noise. And you want to control the narrative," he continued.

"It's over. Colin Kaepernick's aspirations in the NFL, for an NFL career," Smith concluded. "It's over."

Smith was taken to task on social media by many over his comments, including Eric Reed, who plays for the Carolina Panthers.

Here's the video dissent from Smith:

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