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Teddy Bridgewater calls out athletes pretending to be 'gangsta' and setting a bad example for young people

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Miami Dolphins quarterback Teddy Bridgewater called out athletes who pretend to be "gangsta" and set a bad example for young people.

Bridgewater made the statement from his official Instagram account.

"Tired of seeing football players portray this tough guy image or pretend he's a gangsta. You went to school, attended those classes, and some even got their college degree," wrote Bridgewater.

"Now you might have 1.5% of professional players that's on that but the remaining 98.5% are only 'football tough,'" he added.

"So, don't wait until you inherit this legal money from the league to decide you want to be tough or portray a 'street image' cause it's kids that's looking up to everything we do," Bridgewater continued.

He went on to address kids who might be misled by the behavior of some football players.

"Kids don't be fooled. You can play ball, do the right thing and they still gonna accept you. Look at me, I'm far from perfect, but I chose the ball route but I still can go to the hood and post up and it's all love," Bridgewater added.

"My people accept me for making all the right decisions and not falling victim or being tricked by the false image you see on IG from a lot of ball players," he concluded. "Choose your path. Can't do both though."

Bridgewater has been praised for his charitable activity off of the football field. He has delivered books to the Boys & Girls Club, raised funds for cancer research and awareness, and in one famous incident, he handed out toys and presents to children from his neighborhood from the back of a U-Haul truck he rented. When he ran out of toys, he handed out twenty dollar bills.

Bridgewater is also an outspoken Christian who has said he wants to use his platform to spread the Gospel.

Here's more about Bridgewater's faith:

Teddy Bridgewater's Story www.youtube.com

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