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Canadian doctors tell father they will inject his 14-year-old daughter with male hormones for transition without his permission
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Canadian doctors tell father they will inject his 14-year-old daughter with male hormones for transition without his permission

This isn't good

The father of a 14-year-old girl apparently doesn't have much to say in the way of approving — or disapproving — his daughter's request to receive hormone therapy to assist in a gender transition.

What are the details?

Maxine (not the child's real name) was attending a British Columbia school when her dad discovered that school officials were treating her as a male — at her request.

According to a Tuesday article in The Federalist, his daughter started going by a male name — Quinn — without his knowledge or permission.

The outlet pointed to British Columbia's Ministry of Education's Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Policy, which stipulates that administrators in the education system are not required to disclose students' sexual orientation or gender identification to parents.

Needless to say, the child's father was disturbed by the news.

The Federalist reported that the young girl had a troubled recent history and had suffered from depression since her parents' divorce, which took place in 2013. The young girl's father noted that his daughter had previously gone through a phase of lesbianism, as well.

The school referred the girl to a LGBT activist psychologist, Dr. Wallance Wong, who insisted that the child be permitted to undergo gender reassignment therapy, and suggested that she begin receiving hormone injections.

Naturally, the young girl's father would not consent.

It didn't matter.

The hospital decided to forge ahead with the treatment without the consent of the teen's dad anyway.

A letter to the girl's father and obtained by The Federalist stated, "Quinn's healthcare team has concluded that he possesses sufficient maturity and intelligence to be capable of consenting to his own medical care, notwithstanding the fact that he is only 14 years old."

The letter continued:

Furthermore, the team agrees that the proposed course of treatment is in his best interests. We appreciate that these conclusions differ from your own. ... We always strive to get parents to agree to support a proposed course of treatment, however, under these circumstances we are of the view that it is ultimately up to Quinn to give or withhold consent to his own medical care; neither you nor his mother can make this decision for him.

The hormone injections were to commence within two weeks of her father receiving the letter.

What did the girl's dad do next?

In response to the letter, Maxine's dad filed a court motion to prevent the facility from filling up his daughter with hormones to assist in a gender reassignment for which he did not approve. The British Columbia Supreme Court agreed to temporarily prevent the girl from receiving injections until further notice.

Last week, according to The Federalist, "the British Columbia Supreme Court considered a motion to prevent the hospital from injecting Maxine with testosterone for another 45 days in order to allow a full adjudication of the case."

"I have no problem with [Maxine] exploring the role of being male," the young girl's father said during a recent interview about the case. "It's not, to me, a transgender issue."

Her father noted that he has more of an issue with the way the school and the hospital circumvented his parental rights and responsibilities than anything else.

"It just happens to be that it involves transgenderism," he added.

You can read more on the background here.

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