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Things look really bad for corrections officer after inmate carries out surprise attack on him — but then other inmates step in


Somebody's not making good choices

Image source: KPTV-TV video screenshot

An Oregon prison attack could have gone very, very wrong when an inmate attacked a corrections officer, but other inmates in the area stepped in to help the officer.

What are the details?

Hayden Landry Davis, 27, came up behind Corrections Officer Daniel Guzman while Guzman sat at a desk in the jail during recreational time, according to KPTV-TV.

Davis, who was being held at the Washington County Jail in Hillsboro, Oregon, attacked Guzman while Guzman's attention was on another inmate. In surveillance footage, Davis can be seen lunging at Guzman from behind, apparently armed with a wooden tongue depressor. Davis struck Guzman in the face several times before Guzman was able to get on his feet and fight back. Guzman was able to subdue Davis with the help of other inmates. He suffered only minor injuries in connection with the attack.

"He just lunged right at me and started punching," Guzman said. "I don't think I learned his name until about 40 minutes after the incident."

At the time of the attack, Davis had been incarcerated at the jail for just a month after using a hammer to gain entry into a home in February. He left behind DNA evidence linking him to the crime after fleeing the scene. Authorities discovered Davis near the home with a bleeding hand. The suspect initially said that he had nothing to do with the break-in, but went on to admit culpability in breaking the door with the hammer.

In September, Davis pleaded guilty to assaulting a public safety officer. A jury also found him guilty of first-degree attempted burglary and second-degree criminal mischief.

What else?

Davis will serve 74 months in prison in connection with the crimes. A judge also recommended that Davis seek both mental health and substance abuse counseling while imprisoned.

The Oregonian reported that Davis had an extensive history with law enforcement, and had been arrested 24 times in Oregon and Washington between 2011 and 2019.

Washington County jail inmate attacks deputy

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