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Transgender says society treats her better as a 'young, white CIS man' than as a woman

Images courtesy SWNS / YouTube (screenshots)

A woman who identifies as transgender says she is treated better by society as a "young, white, cis man" than as a woman. The biological woman also said she realized she was transgender through a gender studies course and YouTube videos.

In a video post by media outlet SWNS, Samuel Avery Giardina says she spent 21 years being "perceived as a woman" and claims she came to realize she wasn't actually a woman after being exposed to the transgender ideology.

"I actually grew up a majority of my life thinking I was a CIS straight female," Giardina said. "I ended up taking a gender and sexuality course which I learned a lot from. I started looking at YouTube videos online and through social media. I realized a lot about myself and that's when I officially came out as transgender in April of 2020," she added.

Giardina claimed that since living her life as a man, she has actually been treated better by "society," because people have been "reading" her as a straight, white male.

"Once I started passing [as a man], I immediately was treated differently. Society ultimately treated me better because people were reading me as a young, white, straight CIS man instead of a woman," she recalled.

Giardina also said that she experienced a lot of sexism as a woman and now, as a man, realizes that she has more privilege.

"I recognize that privilege that I have in society now. Prior to coming out I forced femininity on myself so much that I dressed a lot more feminine," Giardina explained. "I wore dresses, I did my makeup, I had my hair down. So, I experienced a lot of sexism from men who looked at me like an object like at bars. They couldn't even keep their hands to themselves, they would make degrading comments about my body, and for me it was a lot harder at the time because that was a body I didn't want to be in," she described.

"This is a classic case of indoctrination," says Anna Perez, a host at LFATV. "She felt uncomfortable in her body as all girls do to some degree when going through puberty/teenage years. That’s normal. But because society today tells you otherwise and offers you a million other options if you feel 'uncomfortable in your body,' kids assume they would be happier choosing one of those other options," she continued.

"They believe they are happier short-term, but then they grow up and realize what a horrible decision they’ve made. Teenage years can be a tough time for kids, and big pharma capitalizes on that. It’s sick and demented, but we have to be aware that they’re only interested in profit," Perez added.

Giardina says that passing as a man, she tries her best to make other women feel comfortable. She also said she has a newfound confidence like she's "never felt" before when dressing in a suit.

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