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Justin Trudeau asks Twitter followers for questions — and it immediately backfires

Image Courtesy Justin Trudeau / Twitter (screenshot)

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau took to Twitter to ask followers for any questions they could think of after, according to him, conducting many interviews with media outlets before the end of 2022.

“Hey, everyone," the prime minister said. "As we approach the end of the year, I’ve been doing a lot of interviews with TV stations, with newspapers, with radio stations,” he said in the 14-second post.

“They’ve had a lot of great questions. But I know you do too. So, let’s hear them,” he finished.

The message, which received around 6,000 replies in the first hour, according to the National Post, saw few policy-related questions, got some adoration from state media, but mostly was a continuous stream of contentious replies.

A former meteorologist for state broadcaster CBC asked, "What is your early morning routine? Do you get to read the early newspapers with your wife? Chat with your family before the day starts? Or do you simply hit the road running?"

With many wondering why the prime minister all of a sudden wants to answer questions or simply responding with images of him in blackface, it's hard to imagine why Trudeau's team thought it was a good idea to open the leader up to criticism from commentators, journalists, and creators from across the political spectrum.

The results were less than satisfying for the PM.

Popular French-Canadian YouTuber and candidate for the People's Party of CanadaViva Frei asked the Liberal if this was simply another provocation or antagonism:

"Is this AMA - like your invocation of Emergencies Act - merely an act of further antagonism / provocation of a population that you have been systematically abusing for the last few years, in an attempt to get people angry and lash out at your regime?"

Commentator Luke Rudkowski, who describes himself as an anarchist, criticized Trudeau for freezing the bank accounts of those who donated to the massive freedom protests in the winter of 2022.

"What gives you the moral authority to steal peoples bank accounts for criticizing you?" Rudkowski asked.

Reporter Savanah Hernandez simply asked, "Why are you such a tyrant?"

Journalist Keean Bexte, who has had frequent interactions with the prime minister, questioned his bank balance, asking, "What has caused your net worth to explode over the course of the pandemic?"

Justin Trudeau told his audience to "stay tuned," implying he will be addressing some of his more favorable questions.

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