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Former Trump official says Biden admin ignored their warnings and caused the massive crisis at the border


Morgan Ortagus said the Biden admin dismantled agreements that kept the surge away

Former State Dept. spokesperson Morgan Ortagus. (Photo from Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

A former Trump administration official says that the Biden administration was warned about loosening agreements that would precipitate a crisis at the border, but they ignored the warnings.

Former State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus made the comments while a guest on "Outnumbered" on Fox News Tuesday. Ortagus disputed statements from the Biden administration and then made her accusations.

"There was a dismantling of the system but it wasn't by the Trump administration," said Ortagus.

"If you will let me be wonky for a second, there was something that we negotiated at the State Department and at DHS during the Trump administration. Two agreements. They're called ACAs, Asylum Cooperation Agreements, and a BSA, a Border Security Agreement. We negotiated these with Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador," she continued.

"And I spoke to a senior DHS official from the Trump administration this morning, we were talking about this. He told me that they repeatedly warned the Biden team not to unilaterally get rid of these agreements. These were not one-way agreements, these were bilateral agreements between the United States and these three countries related to exactly this, to border security, to asylum," Ortagus explained.

"They were all signed in 2019 and one of the reasons that we're seeing the influx today is because the Biden administration decided to get rid of these two ACAs and the BSA with Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, and they had nothing in place. Nothing else was negotiated with these three countries," she added.

"And so, again, it's a little bit of a wonky point," Ortagus concluded, "but I think it's worth knowing that the Trump DHS Team did warn the incoming Biden team that there will be a surge at the border if you get rid of the agreements with these three countries without anything in place."

President Joe Biden has been excoriated over the growing crisis at the border as more migrants arrive and demand entry into the U.S. based on his promise to loosen immigration enforcement. Worse still more children have been separated from their families at the border after Biden and other Democrats criticized the Trump administration for the same policies.

Here's the video of Ortagus' comments:

Trump officials warned Biden of migrant surge: Former State Dept official www.youtube.com

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