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Trump-hating CNN hosts rip 'disgraced' president as he and the first lady depart White House: 'He just looks like a small man'


Wolf Blitzer used the word 'little' a whopping seven times as Trump left on Marine One

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Given CNN's nakedly biased coverage of now-former President Donald Trump over his four years in office, you knew the talking heads at the cable network Trump loved to call "fake news" were sharpening their verbal knives even as they popped champagne corks Wednesday as Trump and now-former first lady Melania Trump left the White House.

What happened?

As CNN live video documented the Trumps walking to the Marine One helicopter that would take him to Joint Base Andrews for his flight to Florida, the cable network's personalities piped up and offered commentary on the moment.

Jake Tapper started things out. You probably recall Tapper a week ago questioning a Republican congressman's "commitment" to democracy for arguing against impeaching Trump in a rushed vote, despite the fact that the congressman lost both legs fighting overseas for the U.S. military.

Anyway, Tapper seems to like the commentary he gets to spout, as he narrated things as "the disgraced 45th president of the United States" and first lady Melania Trump walked to Marine One. He added that Trump would be giving an "ad-libbed" speech at the base, and "one can only imagine what he will say."

'He looks small'

Then Dana Bash chimed in with a Trump observation. "He looks small. He just looks like a small man," she said. "And that is exactly the way that he has handled his presidency since he lost, and he just has appeared smaller and smaller and less and less courageous."

Concerning Trump's decision to not greet Joe and Jill Biden at the White House on Inauguration Day, Bash added that "it does take courage, it takes fortitude, it takes a sense of self to be able to not do this — to be able to get into the motorcade with your successor, to take that ride ... and that is not happening."

Tapper also said of Trump that "he really is doing everything he can that's wrong. This a textbook case of how not to leave the presidency," Fox News said. "Whine and cry, pretend that you didn't win, incite your supporters, stage an insurrection. And on his way out the door, he pardons a bunch of his cronies."

Fox News noted that Tapper named some of those whom Trump pardoned, including former campaign chairman Steve Bannon. "You think that he couldn't get any more disgraceful — well, just give him a few hours," he said.

While CNN commentator Van Jones is no fan of Trump's, last October he did say Trump "has done good stuff for the black community" and "does not get enough credit" — after which the left, who love to eat their own, attacked Jones.

Well, Wednesday was a different day, and Jones said Biden's victory — along with the Democrats grabbing control of the Senate — is a "complete repudiation" of Trump's policies, particularly with regard to Muslims. Jones also made reference to illegal immigrants being happy about Biden taking office after their "babies" were "being snatched away at the border." Jones forgot to mention it's a policy of former President Barack Obama's administration.

Wolf Blitzer's 'little' fixation

Finally, Wolf Blitzer had his say — and seemed to have an obsession with the word "little" to describe Trump, as he used it a whopping seven times during his piling-on speech.

First, Blitzer noted that Trump has a "little bit of a speech" he would give later and said "it looks like a tiny little crowd has gathered at Joint Base Andrews," before observing Trump taking "a little tour over the city" in Marine One.

Soon he noted Trump's "brief little flight" that was doing a "little circle over the U.S. Capitol."

Finally, he offered that Trump drew a "very impressive crowd" at his inauguration four years ago, and now it's "a little pathetic" that only a "tiny little crowd" was waiting for him at the base.

Don't they frown on repetitiveness at journalism school, Wolf?

Watch President Trump's final White House departureyoutu.be

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