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Trump makes major gains with Hispanic voters, all demographic groups except white men
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Trump makes major gains with Hispanic voters, all demographic groups except white men

Votaron por Trump!

For a man who is alleged to be a white supremacist and a xenophobe, President Donald Trump sure made inroads with every demographic group in the United States this election — with just one exception: white men.

What are the details?

By 9 p.m. on Election Day, it was already clear which candidate would win Florida, one of the most important states needed for winning a presidential election: Trump.

The reason? Trump made significant improvements in Miami-Dade County. In 2016, Trump received only 333,999 votes in the county — now, he has eclipsed 617,000 votes there.

Critics of Trump suggested Cuban-Americans were behind the boost, claiming Trump's campaign against socialism greatly impacted the race; the point was that Trump improved his standing in Hispanic communities thanks only to Cuban-Americans. But according to NBC News, Trump generally made gains with all Hispanics.

Indeed, Trump made massive gains in Hispanic communities across Florida, compared to his 2016 results.

In Texas, the story was the same.

In fact, the most Hispanic counties in the U.S. lie in the Rio Grande Valley along the U.S.-Mexico border. In all of those areas, Trump saw massive double-digit gains over his 2016 numbers.

These results in Texas are significant because they prove Trump is even making inroads with Mexican-Americans who traditionally vote Democrat.

These results, of course, shocked Democrats, who often assume they have the Hispanic vote locked down.

As Esmeralda Bermudez, a writer for the Los Angeles Times, said, "It's laughable that in 2020, this country still needs to be reminded, Sesame Street style, that Latinos are not a monolith & the Latino vote is a mirage. This misconception comes from how little u bother knowing us, how superficially u cover us & how absent we are in newsrooms."

What about other demographics?

Exit polling showed that Trump improved his standing among not only Hispanics by wide margins, but with every other gender and race demographic with the exception of white men, who were already his strongest demographic.

According to exit poll data from Edison Research, Trump improved by:

  • White Women: +2
  • Black Men: +4
  • Black Women: +4
  • Latino Men: +3
  • Latina Women: +3
  • Others: +5

Meanwhile, Trump was down five points among white men.

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