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Tucker Carlson unleashes on the abortion regime, stressing its business is the ancient 'sin' of child sacrifice: 'This is not a political debate. This is a spiritual battle'
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Tucker Carlson unleashes on the abortion regime, stressing its business is the ancient 'sin' of child sacrifice: 'This is not a political debate. This is a spiritual battle'

Tucker Carlson unleashed righteous fury on the abortion regime in America during a recent address to Christians, stressing that anyone who advocates for the slaughter of the unborn "is your enemy" and that the practice of abortion is an evil "religious rite" that is "as old as time."

The Center for Christian Virtue, a religious conservative outfit that advocates for public policies reflective of "the truth of the Gospel," hosted Tucker Carlson for its gala in Cleveland, Ohio, on Sept. 21.

The 54-year-old featured speaker indicated that he and his family left the Episcopal Church owing to its alleged transformation into an "aggressively pagan institution" and in response his former minister's apparent unwillingness to prioritize salvation over safety during the pandemic.

"Why is she worried about dying? She's a Christian minister. Like, why should she care?" said Carlson, who indicated church services had been greatly curtailed for fear of COVID-19. "If you're afraid to die, then you don't really mean it. ... Okay, not a Christian."

Although he stepped outside his particular church, Carlson did not give up the faith. Rather, he suggested he has since gotten "to understand God better," in part by poring over the Bible and the eternal truths contained therein.

Extra to finding reassurance in the account of the conversion of St. Paul of Tarsus — whereby even "a truly awful person ... could become one of the great people of all time" — Carlson observed an all-too-familiar evil "chronicled in great detail throughout the Hebrew Bible" that appears to have survived to become a bloody ritual of the left and the powers that be.

Carlson noted that human sacrifice, ritual child sacrifice in particular, "rears its head about every four chapters. ... Of all the sins the ancients committed, that sin, every single time it's described, is called detestable, at least in the [Revised Standard Version]."

In virtually every instance, Carlson suggested the terms of the sacrifice were more or less clear: In exchange for the annihilation of innocence and innocents, the bloodied perpetrators would receive "power and contentment and happiness."

"Every civilization on the face of the earth has engaged in it. ... The archaeological record tells us that human sacrifice, the sacrifice of children, the killing of children, is the one constant in human civilization," continued Carlson.

Carlson suggested that this unnatural but universal decision, which "cuts against the imperative of evolutionary biology" and does not appear to have been reached organically, is the result of "outside forces ... acting on people at all times throughout history, in every culture on the planet, to convince people that if they sacrifice their children, they will be happy and safe."

Tailoring his comments to his Ohio audience, Carlson noted that the state's ballot initiatives have once again made clear this "religious rite" continues to have many supporters in the United States.

The ballot initiatives he was referencing were the "Right to Make Reproductive Decisions Including Abortion Initiative," which would enable the slaughter of the unborn possibly up until the moment of birth despite the ratification of SB 23, which banned abortion after six weeks; and the "Marijuana Legalization Initiative," allowing anyone 21 years old and older to buy and possess dope.

"The one unalloyed source of joy in your life is your children. The point of life is to have children and to watch them have grandchildren. Nothing will bring you joy like that," said Carlson. "So anyone telling you 'don't have children,' 'kill your children' is not your friend, is your enemy."

Whereas in decades past, political debates appeared at least nominally concerned with improving the lives of citizens, Carlson underscored that this naked effort to snuff out life and suffocate souls is something else entirely.

"This is not a political debate. This is a spiritual battle," said Carlson.

This battle has claimed many lives in recent decades.

On the basis of numbers reported by the Guttmacher Institute, the pro-life group National Right to Life indicated that 63.4 million abortions were executed between the Supreme Court's 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade and January 2022.

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